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    Error in installing java apps in Samsung Hero GT-E3213K

    Hello friends I bought a Samsung Hero GT-3213K yesterday. when I bought it yesterday, I thought it was a great phone with 3g and HSDPA at such a low price. Everything has worked great since then other than the fact that I am not able to install any jar file both offline and online, I...
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    LInux DC++ crash problem!!!!!!!!

    I use Ubuntu Hardy ........when I start linux DC++ , the software starts fine and works nicely for a minute or so but automatically closes after that. It used to work nicely until few days back I even tried it reinstallig it but no avail !!!!!!! PLZ tell me what to do???
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    Plz help me 'bout graphics card

    Plz suggest me a graphics card I hav Intel 865G chipset, 3.06Ghz P4 processor , 1 GB DDR1 RAM (pretty ancient i know:D) Can anyone tell me 'bout a graphics for my pc my budget is Rs 5000 remember 865G does not supports PCIe. THANX
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