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    Galaxy SIII (S3) Accessories

    I recently purchased the SGSIII White color. Can anyone recommend a good pouch or cover that I buy for this? Should I go for Samsung brand or something else? Also, are there any other useful accessories that I should consider buying?
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    PS3 Move

    Anyone here played on the PS3 Move? What is the experience like, is it worth it? Are there good gaming titles out there? I've heard about Sports Champions.
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    Any exp with buying from Snapdeal?

    Apologies if this seems off-topic. I'm looking for an ultrabook / laptop and seeing the prices on Snapdeal are significantly lower than Flipkart (more than 2K for some models). Not sure about the reason for the price diff. Has anyone purchased from Snapdeal before or knows someone who has...
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    Looking for an ultrabook

    Thanks, I'm considering ASUS S56CA, which does come with optical drive, but no graphics card. Processor is i5 but a low voltage version. For my usage, I think it should be sufficient. Asus S56CA-XX056R Ultrabook (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 750GB 24GB SSD/ Win7 HB) - Asus: Asus...
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    Looking for an ultrabook

    Looking for good recommendations on Ultrabooks and also which models to avoid. (1) Budget - 50K (can stretch by a few thou if the model is worth it) (2) Size & Weight - preferably lightweight and slim (else I would be considering a normal laptop) (3) Brands a) I like - Lenovo, ASUS b) I...
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    Lenovo Z580 or G580. Which one should I buy?

    nice, can you pls tell me where exactly you bought it in bangalore?
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    Lenovo Z580 or G580. Which one should I buy?

    Can you guys please post the exact price you got it for? Z580 / G580
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    The Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Thread

    does it come with blu ray drive? the specs on FK doesn't say so
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    Dell17R turbo or Sony Vaio SVS15125CNB

    why not compare the Dell 15R Turbo model? the specs are nearly the same, and it works out cheaper.
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    Need to buy laptop within 2 days....pls help

    do let us know which laptop you ended up buying
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    A good GAMING laptop

    If you are willing to stretch 4K, then you can get the Core i5 3rd gen + 8GB RAM, all other specs will be the same.
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    Need to buy laptop within 2 days....pls help

    Check out APU Quad Core processors on flipkart, most of them come with integrated or discrete GPU for gaming purposes - Laptops - Buy Laptops Online at Best Prices in India - Computers | Given your budget of 35K, I would rule out Dell.
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    Why do people buy Macbook?

    Like you said, it has a class of its own. people who buy a Mac want to have something different. If you enter a room filled with laptop users, how many of them would be using a Dell or HP laptop VS. a Mac? Advanced technology is another reason, although one can argue that other manufacturers can...
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    lenovo z 500

    One thing to watch out with this model - it comes with a 4 cell battery, so you have to watch out for the battery power on this one. Given that it comes with a powerful GPU, it may give just 1-2 hrs of battery backup. I also believe the battery is also integrated inside the system, unlike other...
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    lenovo z 500

    Not in the same city, but let me know which deal you got, the best quote I've heard so far is 50K.
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    Best Laptop around 30k?

    there were definitely some USB ports, but I didn't explicitly note it down, maybe I should have taken more screenshots. Usual stuff like mic and headphone slots will be there, no idea about SD card reader. I saw the silver variant, looked quite good to me. I can't recollect now, but I think the...
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    Dell Inspiron 14R/15R/17R Turbo Laptop Thread

    same here, I think they want to push out all the remaining inventory before introducing new models. It sucks that I cant get the laptop that I want. Have started looking at other models mainly because of this.
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    lenovo z 500

    From whatever I've seen firsthand, the build quality is pretty good, one of the selling features of this laptop is that it is slimmer than other notebooks (not the ultrabook range). Battery power is less though, comes with only a 4 cell, I guess thats the sacrifice for the sleek looks. Sound...
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    lenovo z 500

    GeForce GT 645M, one of the best in the market right now as far as graphic cards go. I wonder how is the battery backup is on this. It comes with a 4 cell battery, whereas the z580 has 6 cell. Except for the graphics card and extra 2GB RAM, both models are identical...
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    Touchscreen laptops

    There is a lot of talk about laptops with touchscreen facility becoming mainstream now, at least in the US. How long do you think it will take for it to hit our shores? Is it worth waiting for it, given that Windows 8 is primarily designed for touch functionality?
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