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    Laptop - Portability, SSD, for Office Work and Programming [Budget ~60k-110k)

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) No specific budget. Looking for a good bang for the buck. Max Budget 1.10L 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook...
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    Seagate 1TB Internal Drive @3290/-, Should I be worried?

    I'm getting Seagate 1TB @3290/- THE ABOVE drive isn't "Seagate Barracuda", it's only Seagate. Does that make a difference? The 'cuda drive is on sale for ₹3649/- 1. Should I be worried about anything? 2. Should I prefer WD over Seagate? 3. What are the failure rates of this drive...
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    WHY is WD Caviar Blue 1 TB drives so expensive and sparingly available @e-retail shops?

    I'm a lazy guy, hence I do 100% of my shopping online. I don't understand why are WD Blue 1 TB Internal SATA drives costing upwards of ₹4200/- (Flipkart) & ₹4800/- (Amazon) when Segate 1 TB can be bought for ₹3290/- (Amazon) ? Can I get WD Blue 1 TB Drives cheap locally? (@Lamington Rd...
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    Best and cheapest way to clean dust from my PC?

    I'm not sure if small mini hand pumps will blow enough air to remove the dust properly.. AND All the compressed cans of air I found online are atleast ₹400 for a single bottle, that's like super expensive. Any cheaper yet effective method to clean tons of dust from my PC?
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    [Advice] Suggestions for Wifi Router for 8mbps plan, ₹1500/- budget?

    Finally switching from MTNL to a local cable internet, 8mbps unlimited for ₹3000/Per Month :-D TP-LINK TL-WR740N Tenda Wireless N150 Easy Setup Router TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router These seem to have good reviews on flipkart, budget = ₹1500/- Which one should I go for? or are...
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    iPhone 5S for 38K or iPhone 6 for 50k?

    Is it worth the extra 12K? I don't see many good reviews of the iPhone 6. Will the iPhone 5S drop further in price this week? Mom wants to buy it today only because of Dhanteras.
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    Need a 1TB/2TB Internal Drive. Does WD Still provide pick-up RMA?

    Need 1TB/2TB drive for installing games. Need another 1TB Drive for storage. Please suggest options. I prefer online shopping. WS Retail has stopped selling HDD's, so flipkart is not an option.
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    Murdered: Soul Suspect

    Developer - Crystal Dynamics or Eidos Montreal Publisher - Square Enix Platforms - Current-gen Consoles and PC Release Date - 6th June 2014 [India] Release Price - ₹999/- [PC] MORE HERE Square Enix reveals Murdered: Soul Suspect through teaser site, coming to current-gen platforms |...
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    2nd Sem; Tier-3; Indian CSE Student; Linux or Windows? Will any laptop support linux properly?

    So yes, I couldn't study like madmen for 2 years straight 10 hours per day and hence couldn't get into iit. I'm now studying in a Tier-3 local college where we are being taught C in turbo c++ via dos in XP.. Q1: Should I put in the extra efforts and learn Linux and command line / shell...
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    XBox 360 Controller / gamepad for PC Windows

    Finally I have overcome my addiction from DotA2 and CS:GO, and am looking forward to play more and more games :D (YAY!!!!) Wanted to buy the XBox Wired Controller but had a few doubts in mind: 1. On Controllers - The price is said 2150/- But none of it's offical partners are selling...
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    PC parts in 10k for basic use needed in 4 years of computer engineering

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: I am making a PC for my friend, he will be using it for basic...
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    760 - 16.5k or R9-270X - 15.5k or 770 - 22k or 280X - 23.5k

    The Amd cards will be bought from india, the 760 and 770 both will be EVGA SC with ACX Cooler [both come with global warranty] and will be bought from the US [Cousin visiting india] I think the 770's 2gb will be limiting soon. SO was kind of leaning towards a 760? EDIT: Also what will be the...
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    Halloween Sale , Need to buy Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition somehow?

    There's fallout 3 New vegas : UE on sale for 4.99$ [But it's not available in India] 1. How do i get the key? 2. Even if i get will it be region blocked in India? 3. Will i be restricted from downloading the game from steam? Please help sale is only till 1st november
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    Buying Card from US , warranty in India? Which company internation warranty?

    If my sister gets a gfx card from US and it happens to not work after a few months, which company [sapphire/asus/gigabyte] will give me warranty here in mumbai? Even if they don't give warranty will they FIX it for some price? I am thinking of getting the Sapphire 270X for 12k rs from...
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    Need to buy GAMEPAD with Steam/Windows 8.1 Support + CHEAP

    How is this gamepad: Enter E-GPV Gamepad - Enter: It has a 1000 rating with an avg of 4.1 and is only 230Rs [Snapdeal gives for 165rs but i'll pay the premium for flipkart service :P]
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    270X vs 280X

    Hello my fellow tdf members :) There's a 8000rs difference between the 270X and the 280X [HOW SAFE IS IT TO ORDER FROM MDCOMPUTERS i stay in mumbai] so i am expecting same price difference when those cards come here in mumbai@lamington or @flipkart Is it better to buy 270X now...
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    First Year CSE, questions about Linux/Unix and Old pc

    >I am very interested in self learning everything I can about computers. [I already learnt basics of C++ and have ordered Head First Java ] >I came across this site: What every computer science major should know and decided to follow it beginning by learning C along with UNIX/LinuX for which i...
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    Gaming vs Knowledge/Studies and how to balance? [Graphics card opinion]

    I'm 17 years old and currently in First Year Computer Engineering. I really like gaming and computers both. I know basics of C++ , Data structures , OOPS and have ordered "Head First Java" and "SCJP" both by Kathy Sierra to learn Java. I have my whole pc built [i5 Haswell 4570 + 8Gb ram ]...
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    Is SCJP a good book to learn Java?

    Hello, I am currently in my F.E Computer Engineering and was wondering if the SCJP for Java 6 a good book to learn Java?
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    TVS-e Bharat

    Hi fellow TDF member, i was looking to buy this keyboard: TVS-e Gold Bharat USB 2.0 Keyboards - TVS-e: This keyboard has no media keys / macro keys / etc.. It's just a cheap 200rs keyboard but with mechanical keys! Will it be a significant jump going from membrane keys to...
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