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  1. virus_killer

    The thread: Collaborating Digit Tweets , i didnt know that many digitians are twittering too, anyway, now we can ask small questions anytime without posting a thread.
  2. virus_killer

    Most likely Indian pricing of Windows 7

    ^^ well, i was considering people like the one i commented on.
  3. virus_killer

    Most likely Indian pricing of Windows 7

    Why mac boy has to prove that mac is good ? we are not comparing two OSs here, let your post be related to the topic. Offtopic: why mac boys (average numbers) are soo noob?
  4. virus_killer

    India launches first nuclear-powered submarine

    Well said, However, i am not fully agreed with what you have said. with this movement, India has became the 6th country in the whole world who has the nuclear powered submarine. if you consider the fact that many countries are heading towards the nuclear powered weapons. and this step will give...
  5. virus_killer

    The iPhone Killer is out now. = HTC TouchFLO

    Well, Now it has i am afraid. In the form of any phones which has got an Android OS. :D
  6. virus_killer

    The iPhone Killer is out now. = HTC TouchFLO

    Every phone comes out in the market are called the iPhone killer these days. I have been using WinMo since past few years, now I'm having htc dream. One of my friend has got an iPhone. I still wonder why people compare this kinda phones with an iPhone? iPhone has changed the way we use mobile...
  7. virus_killer

    Memory module problem.

    Guys, I have recently bought 2gig (1gig x 2) RAM from the eBay. I have got this Compaq presario V6102AU laptop and using Windows 7 beta and vista 32bits. before buying 2gig RAM i had checked earlier that my laptop can support up to 2gig of DDR2 memory. This morning i received them , but...
  8. virus_killer

    Android Based Phone.

    I have been using HTC Dream since past few months. and i must admit that its damn awesome. It's touch screen response as well as the functionality of the OS is great. Its not hard to get root access if you are not a noob. however, i believe that it hasn't got much third party application support...
  9. virus_killer

    Can't view ext2 partition.

    I'm afraid but i must admit that this forum is counting its last days. i remember all the active members who used to reply all the questions despite of how small or easy the question has been asked. I'm not saying this just because i'm not getting any response. but i have seen most of the...
  10. virus_killer

    Can't view ext2 partition.

    Guys, Since past few days i am facing this strange problem. I've tried to fix it up but couldn't and that's why I'm here now. I have got this 1 gig micro SD card. couple of days before i formatted it and made two partitions , the FAT32 and the other one was ext2. now, i can't see this ext2...
  11. virus_killer

    --=/*Youtube Videos*\=--

    Have seen Microsoft's blue screen video ? now this one is from apple, OT : Has somebody mentioned I'm not a windows fan ?
  12. virus_killer

    So who really deserves the oscar ?

    I assume you are talking about the lead actor. His real name is Dev patel. he was born and brought up in the UK.
  13. virus_killer

    Do we need an "old aged" PM ??????

    Well, when it comes to politics or any other field, I believe practice plays a foremost responsibility to advance the productivity as well as the outcome. At times experience may perhaps do not need if a person has got adequate understanding of the work he/she has given. I also consider...
  14. virus_killer

    Microsoft gives option to remove IE from Windows 7

    I have been using this Windows 7000 build for a while now, and in IE8 i have noticed very significant changes in speed and features as compared to their last few versions.
  15. virus_killer

    Google Chrome Out Of Beta

    They have made some changes in EULA too.
  16. virus_killer

    Kogan Agora is the world's second Android-based smartphone

    ^^ HTC Dream looks more better then this one. Kogan's handset has also got small screen as compared to the HTC dream.
  17. virus_killer

    Happy Birthday Virus Hit windows

    and may i ask you HOW ? How can you say that it wont affect vista? am using vista though, and i trust its security.
  18. virus_killer

    Do you support HIV test before the marriage?

    Dude, If you don't wear a helmet then you will only break your own skull not others. but In this case , if you or your had not worn a condom ( or say helmet) while sex ( or say driving) then it wouldn't only ruin their life but yours too. I hope you get my point. And if govt is forcing you to...
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