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  1. Aberforth

    A Little Help Required from the Kolkatans

    A bit of an unusual type of help, but it occured to me that as a forum with users all over India, this will be best place to ask for help. I and my fiancee intend to take a trip from Delhi to Silchar to attend a friend's wedding in Assam next week. We have planned our trip from Delhi to...
  2. Aberforth

    Travelling With Laptop FAQs

    Laptop have the advantage that we can carry our computers as we wish. However a lot of us have concerns when travelling with laptops so I think I reproduce this FAQ made by a friend of mine for the benefit of Digit Readers. :) Can I carry a laptop as check in baggage in planes? Yes you can...
  3. Aberforth

    Armed Forces and North East India - An Insult to Democracy?

    Not beating much around the bush, I decided to check the clauses of the Armed forces special act due to repeated requests from my North Eastern friends to enlighten myself in this subject. I came across Section 4 of AFSPA and it quite disturbed me - Any commissioned officer, warrant officer...
  4. Aberforth

    UK: Ban Unislamic Schools

    I was going through my forums when a member posted this news article from Daily Express, London. I know it does not concern India but this is pretty disturbing as UK is the land of eqality and secularism. If UK bends to pressure, we could be next in line to go Taliban style. Read the article...
  5. Aberforth

    Using Proxy in IP:Port format in Firefox and Opera

    This tutorial is for those proxy lists which are in IP:Port format like or other popular sites. Opera Go to Menu Bar >> Tools >> Preferences; select the Advanced tab; select Network option from the list; click on the Proxy servers tab. Checkbox the proxy options...
  6. Aberforth

    Nuclear India or Nuke Free India?

    Taking a walk down my block I came across some Greenpeace activists who loaded me with pamphlets and asked me to join it. I came home and read the pamphlets and came across the WMD section where greenpeace is campaigning about India's WMDs aka Nuclear Weapons. They think India should...
  7. Aberforth

    Why my OS is better?

    I come across many forums, communities and tech blogs which hammer about how one OS is better over the other and how users of another OS are stupid not to realise the benefits of 'my' OS. Well you may call it hate propaganda but this has the effect of scaring away a lot of people from one OS and...
  8. Aberforth

    Temperature Sensor for OpenSuse

    I have noticed my laptop getting quite hot after using OpenSuse and the fan also runs all the time, even when idle. Is there an installable temperature sensor available for OpenSuse so that I could find the CPU, GPU and HDD temperatures like I do on Windows? I want something I could use or at...
  9. Aberforth Codes for Indian Cities

    I use Object dock which has a docklet for weather settings, I used the PIN but it wouldn't show the weather of Delhi which is what I wanted. So I followed the link to find the Met codes for Delhi (ZIP codes work only for US cities). database is used by many desktop...
  10. Aberforth

    Softwares, Stable Versions vs Previous Versions

    Thought to start this after a person commented on software upgrade claiming that software is 'stable'. After my experience with softwares since the last 5 years I have learnt a lesson - never update your software as soon as a new production/ stable version is released. I am not talking about...
  11. Aberforth

    Linux vs Windows (Webserver Environment)

    I could not find a topic which discusses the issue of Windows vs Linux in a web server environment. I am considering a typical configuration as used most often on websites - Windows Server running IIS and Red Hat Linux running Apache. I started out with a shared Windows 2003 Server using IIS 6.0...
  12. Aberforth

    Sify Broadband Fined For Unfair Trade Practices

    You can check the news here
  13. Aberforth

    Can you give ideas for good laptops?

    I am an software engineering student and have with my own website. I had a desktop PC at home which I did most of my programming works. Now that I have shifted to Delhi for higher studies I found I really need a laptop for a lot of my computer works. I want one which has the minimum features in...
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