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    A no-nonsense, no fancy hardware, no larger than 14', intel based laptop with good battery and build

    Hi I urgently need a laptop. My requirements are: 1. Good battery life(more than 4hrs) in normal use in lower brightness. 6cell battery a must. 2. Good build quality. 3. Solely for development in Linux platform, so no fancy harware like dGPU and no AMD cpu/apu. 4. Fairly powerful. (Intel...

    DishTV set top box -- some doubts.

    I have a three year old DishTV connection. The Set-top-box(standard definition) has become very unreliable and I want to buy a new one. I have recently recharged for almost 15 months. Is it possible to buy a new set-top-box and continue to use old connection?(I don't to loose 15 months...

    BSNL broadband plan revision and speed increase

    Hi, I recently stumbled upon a report that BSNL has revised their mnimum speed to 521kbps from 256kbps, effective from 20th May. Could anyone please confirm if it is true? I am asking about West Bengal circle. If it is the case I shall get the "BB Home Combo ULD 650" plan which will give...

    Please suggest a good 5.1 system.

    Hello everyone, I need a good 5.1 speaker system. I intend to buy in this very week. Budget is Rs8000. It can be extended to 10000/- if a very good model is available for the extra money. Please suggest.

    ISPs barred from blocking/throttling websites and online services

    This is how they are the most civilized and advanced countries in the world! Online throttling and site-blocking to be outlawed in Europe under net neutrality plan. Source: here

    [Great news] Handbrake now capable of GPU accelerated encoding :D

    Source: Handbrake news and Milestone OpenCL beta Made my day. Free Software wins :doublethumb:

    [Praise] The reason I <3 Corsair

    Got TX650M as a VX450 replacement :-D . Its a modular SMPS.:wink: Less clutter inside.:-) On a serious note, I was rather surprised that a SMPS as reputed as VX450 got burned! But hey, all is well that ends well :mrgreen:

    [Urgent] C frequently asked questions

    Hi, anybody have a downloaded copy of C FAQ ? C FAQ I tried downloading but the link is broken. If anyone of you have a copy lying around in some corner of your HDD, would you please share it?(At mediafire or dropbox etc). Or email me: Its kind of urgent, thanks in advance.

    Need a convenient-to-use and reliable media player for my Mom.

    Hello friends, I need a cheap yet good quality media player for my Mom. She is not very tech savvy(but can operate a cellphone and TV remote). She has a collection of music CDs. As she can't operate a PC, I am looking for something like WD/Asus/Amkette HD media player. But they...

    C/C++ IDE for windows 7 starter.

    Friends, please suggest a C/C++ IDE for windows 7 starter edition. Its for my cousin who is in class 10 and wants to learn C. I suggested him vi/gcc but he refuses to install linux.:| VC++ would be too heavy for his netbook, so suggest other IDEs. The lighter, the better. Automatic code...

    Weird display problem with linux on a HD6670 based machine

    Hi, I have been facing this weird graphics problem!! My HD6670 based machine isn't working with whichever distro I try! The machine boots fine, lets me install linux from DVD/pendrive in graphical mode without problem. But when I restart boot into it from grub menu, it shows the login screen...

    Query regarding Bsnl broadband "BBG FN Combo 600" plan

    Hi all, I am getting a BB connection soon. I am thinking of getting the "BBG FN Combo 600" plan.This plan details: 1.No fixed monthly charge for landline. 2.Speed - 2mbps. 3.Night unlimited(2AM to 8AM). 4.Day time quota - 2.5GB per month. I heard that BSNL has some issues with the...

    can not access

    Please help:-( Since last 2-3 days i can not access wikipedia:-x , every other website loads just fine. But wikipedia continues to load forever, can never see any wikipedia article. I use airtel gprs-edge in westbengal circle, speed fluctuates between 6kBps-16kBps. Any...

    please suggest me suitable netbook

    Hello all, I need to buy an Intel atom based netbook. Criterias I am looking for: 1) Long battery backup, preferably over 8 hours, the more, the better. 2) Small form factor (10 inch screen). 3) LED screen, bluetooth 3.0 would be nice to have. 4) 250Gb hdd would be...

    recommend a suitable gfx card

    Hello, one of my friends needs a gfx card. His pc config is: Phenom2 X4 840, Gigabyte 880gm board, 2gb ddr3 ram, Corsair CX400 psu, Samsung B1930 monitor. He is not a gamer. He works in linux only(mostly gimp, opengl progamming and other development works in IDEs like...

    Advice required on PC upgrade..

    Hello guys, I am new in this amazing forum(though I keep track of interesting posts when I get time). I am Kuntal, a 3rd year engg student from near Kolkata. I am particularly interested in GNU/Linux, programming and music,football,badminton and am a hardcore FC Barcelona supporter 8-)...
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