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  1. 5fusion

    SIGNATURE ACOUSTICS C-12 Elements Wooden IEMs review/impressions

    Introduction Really fortunate to be the first early bird to own Signature Acoustics IEM. An in-house production of Pristine Note(Proaudiohome) based in Navi Mumbai,India. Its great to see an Indian brand entering High-End audio. Its always a pleasure to meet Mr Gautam, the owner of the firm...
  2. 5fusion

    need cheapest compact with Hdmi port & HD video!!

    Hey every1, need help to get a basic compact digicam. sole requirements are Hdmi port & HD videos. want it to b as cheap as possible as budget was arnd 6k & i stretchd a little to fit in these two features and shortlisted d following: >>Canon Ixus 115HS - 8.3k Canon IXUS 115 HS Point &...
  3. 5fusion

    GlobalEasy buy on ebay india!

    has anyone tried GlobalEasy buy on ebay india? would it be safe and reliable? m lookin to buy a case for my mobile which is not available in india anywhere :(. AEGIS by Trident Case For LG Thrill 4G/Optimus 3D (BALLISTIC GREEN) (Rs. 1981)
  4. 5fusion

    xperia p price?

    when is the new xperia lineup getting launched in india? what will be the expected price of xperia P? will it be worth it to wait for it or shall i go with htc sensation now.
  5. 5fusion

    need help buying unlocked used mobile!!

    Hello everyone, i want to buy LG Optimus 3d. i liked it a lot. but as my budget is 15-16k which is too less, m thinking of buying used one, LG thrill. its a US version of it comes with AT&T branding and without warranty and bill. seller seems to be individual. is it safe to buy used...
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