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    Mozilla Firefox 4

    Hey guys, I just reviewed Mozilla Firefox 4.0 for check it out: Mozilla Firefox 4.0 [Review]
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    Multi monitor utilities / tools

    I've been using a multi-monitor setup from quite a while now and decided to actually review some of the applications that I've used along the way that helped me out. I am also looking out for some of the applications I have not used, but could be helpful in the same task. If any of you use...
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    Browsers Tips and Tricks

    Hey guys I just wrote an article about Firefox tips and tricks. You can check it out here. If you have any suggestions or ideas, or if you just want me to research / test / add a trick you have an idea for, do post here. I am also working on Google Chrome tips, and after that other...
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    Official WWDC 2010 discussion thread

    Eagerly waiting for the WWDC 2010? Check this thread for more updates as the news develops. Feel free to tear into the finer points of Apple's revelations tonight. Till then check out overview of what all you can expect from this year's WWD.
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    Youtube makes changes to its Content ID

    Hi, As many you may have heard, YouTube has made changes to the way to handles copyrighted content is user videos. You can read about it here. Here is a excerpt from the post which details the new system: When you receive a notice in your account via Content ID, we tell you who claimed the...
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    Readers' Letters [Digit Magazine Feedback]

    Every month we get a lot of feedback from our readers, which enthuses us, prompting us to work ever harder on the next issue and the next story. We have decided to start this thread to share some of this feedback with the rest of you and would like to start this conversation with you on an...
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    Adobe CS5 is here; what do you want to know?

    Hey all, We have had our hands on a prerelease version of Adobe CS5 from quite some time now, and now that it has officially been unveiled, we can share our experiences with you all. My review of some of the applications (Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Device Central) will be up in...
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    Linux is a doomed operating system; here's how you can save it

    While being a proponent of Linux -- and open source software in general -- there are some things about Linux which make me doubt its future as an operating system. I have a turbulent relationship with Linux, and while I have switched to Linux many times, I keep coming back to Windows. And...
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    Firefox 3.6 and the future of Firefox

    After much delay, Firefox 3.6 Final has been released. The new version brings many new features with a major change in the way extensions are handled which will make the browser more secure. While the 3.5 to 3.6 update might seem small, it has quite a few new changes which makes this an...
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    Thunderbird 3 Review

    In my review of Postbox entitled "Postbox: Thunderbird on steroids!", I came to the conclusion that Postbox, while being built entirely on Thunderbird, was a brilliant application, a powered-up version of Thunderbird, which added some much needed features. Since then, Thunderbird itself has...
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