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  1. Yoda

    PC for Casual Gaming

    Hi, 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Answer: Watching HD movies (720p / 1080p) Games like...
  2. Yoda

    Suggestion needed for AIO PC (Gaming)

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying an All In One PC for casual gaming. - Intel 6th Gen Core i5 - 1 TB HDD - Discrete Graphics Card - 21 Inch LCD Monitor - 8 GB RAM Budget: 40K to 50K (max.) AIO PC looks compact and can save lots of space on a desk or getting an assembled PC a better...
  3. Yoda

    Is "Airtel Broadband" still blocking sites in India after World Cup 2014

    I would like to know whether Airtel is still blocking Filesharing and storage sites in India even after world cup 2014. Filesharing and storage sites blocked in India for 2014 FIFA World Cup still inaccessible - MediaNama World Cup 2014: 219 websites blocked in India, after Sony complaint -...
  4. Yoda

    Need clarification on Power Supply Unit and Home UPS

    Hi Friends, I'm having an 600 VA APC UPS and also an 7 year old Zebronics Power Supply Unit. Now i'm planning to upgrade my PSU to Seasonic 620 Watts PSU. I would like to know will there be any issues in 600 VA APC UPS supporting Seasonic 620 Watts PSU. Do I need to upgrade my APC UPS or...
  5. Yoda

    21 Inch Monitor for watching Movies in HD

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy a Full HD Monitor for my PC. Purpose of monitor is to watch Full HD Movies and internet browsing only. I don't play games. a) Budget is within Rs.10000/- b) Size = 21 Inches c) Wide Screen monitor support (16:9 / 16:10) d) HDMI or Display Port input (Motherboard...
  6. Yoda

    Need advice for ADSL Router with Modem

    Hi All, I have an BSNL Broadband UL750 Plus connection and currently using UTStarcom modem from BSNL. I'm planning to buy an ADSL Router with Modem to connect my BNSL Broadband and Wi-Fi Internet for laptops. I found these models in Flipkart. My Budget is max. Rs.3000/- a) D-Link...
  7. Yoda

    Need your suggestions for PC Upgrade

    Hi All, I live in Bangalore and I'm planning to upgrade my PC. I have chosen the peripherals for upgrade. My purpose for upgrade is casual gaming and watching HD movies running windows 7 (64 bit). Please take a look and share your suggestions and recommendations. I checked in Computer...
  8. Yoda

    Commands/Tools to detect Enabled USB Ports

    Hi, My PC runs windows XP SP3. Since there are many USB ports in a PC and USB ports are used by various USB devices like Keyboard / Mouse, USB memory sticks, etc.... I would like to know if there are any windows DOS commands / Portable Tool to run and find out... 1. How many USB...
  9. Yoda

    Suggest a All In One Inkject Printer

    Hi Friends, I want to buy an Inkjet All In One Printer for home use. Please suggest me a good brand and a specific model. My Budget is Max. Rs.6500/- Thanks and Regards Yoda
  10. Yoda

    "WDTV Live" price in Bangalore

    "WDTV Live" or "Xtreamer" to buy Hi Friends, I'm planning to buy a Media Player to watch movies in my TV. SHould I but "WDTV Live" or "Xtreamer". WD TV Live HD Media Player (WDBAAN0000NBK) Xtreamer I want to...
  11. Yoda

    Suggestions needed to buy a new DVD-Writer

    Hi, I want to buy a new DVD Writer (SATA). My request to suggest me a Good branded SATA DVD-Writer with Model Number. Thanks and Regards Yoda
  12. Yoda

    I Would Like To Know The Career Prospect In "storage"

    Hi, I live in India. I'm thinking of taking up a Career in Storage. I would like to know the Career Prospects and hows the current Job Market for "Storage" and is it a good choice to take up a Career in "Storage" I don't know much about 'Storage" field, and I would like to know more about...
  13. Yoda

    Buzzing sound in Creative Inspire M2600

    Hi, I have a creative Inspire M2600 2.1 Speaker System. For the past few months I'm hearing a buzzing sound when the Speaker is not in use. I get the sound from the Left side Speaker. When I changed the connection cables in the sub-woofer from left to right, then I get the sound from right...
  14. Yoda

    How to create a file 403: Fordibben folder (Ethical Hacking)

    Hi Friends, This is purely Ethical hacking and it is a test for me. so please help me in this issue. its urgent. I want to create a File / Folder in the Web Server that has got vulnerabilities. Example host: Server Type: Microsoft-IIS/6.0 Server Side...
  15. Yoda

    Suggestion needed for 1 TB Hard Drive

    Hi friends, I'm planning to buy a 1 TB Internal Hard Drive. My options are... Western Digital Sata 2 (32 MB Buffer) (1 Terabyte) --- Rs. 4875/- approx. Seagate Sata 2 (32 MB Buffer) 1 Terabyte --- Rs. 4725/- approx. I have a few questions to ask ??? 1. My Mobo. has only 2 SATA...
  16. Yoda

    Suggestions for 1 TB Hard Drive (External / Internal) ?

    Hi Friends, I'm planning to buy a 1 TB External Hard Driver. Should I buy a Normal Hard Drive and convert it to a External one / should I but a molded one like Seagate FreeAgent Desk (1 TB). What is the cost of Seagate FreeAgent Desk (1 TB) ? Any other options from WD should I consider...
  17. Yoda

    Buying a new External DVD Writer. Help needed

    Hi Friends, I'm buying a External DVD Writer for my Laptop to connect via USB. Suggest me a good Branded External DVD Writer and its Price. I live in Bangalore. Regards Yoda.
  18. Yoda

    Problem in connecting my Portable Hard Drive to my PC. Need Help

    Hi Friends, I have a Western Digital 250 GB Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive. When I connect it to my PC via USB the Removal Disk appears and disappears constantly in windows Explorer. Even if it stays when I click the removable disk the Drive disappears. Sometimes it works but when I...
  19. Yoda

    How to connect a 5.1 Speaker System to a Line-Out

    Hi Friends, I bought a new Creative 5.1 Speaker System, which has got 3 Inputs. One for Sub-Woofer, 1 for Right Speaker and 1 for Left Speaker / Rear Speaker. But in my On-Board sound card has a Line-Out, a Line-In and a Microphone audio connector like in the below picture. how can I...
  20. Yoda

    Planning to buy a Full HD Monitor. Need me Please !

    Hi Friends I'm planning to buy a Full HD Monitor(1080p) for my PC. Suggest me a good LCD monitor and a good brand. My Budget is under 20K. Regards Yoda
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