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    Optimum length of ethernet cable after fibre to ethernet media converter?

    Hello everyone, I am changing my ISP and they use fiber based line. I have used fiber based connection previously but this time I have to use about 40 feet of ethernet cable after media converter. So, I want to know whether this would affect any performance?
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    D-link DIR-605L and reliance broadband issue

    Well, I recently started using this D-link router for my reliance connection (Previously used it for a PPPoE connection and it worked flawlessly). When I first connected my cable to router and tried to open (on which reliance user have to log in in order to use...
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    How to back up data from an Android phone with a damaged screen.

    I dropped my Moto X 2nd gen yesterday and now display is not working. It was running marshmallow. I tried connecting it to my PC to recover files. It is getting detected but as USB mode was set to charging, I can't actually see my files there (before the damage it had to be set to media transfer...
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    Good ISP in Indore?

    I have been using Reliance for last 3 years, and the service they are providing is totally garbage. Currently my connection is down from past 3 days and there is no response from any local engineer. Complaining on toll free no. is just a repeated message that your connection will be fixed in 24...
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    Need gfx card budget 35k

    Hi, I am upgrading my gfx card. I'll get a new one in may. So, I want suggestion from you. I am considering R9 290 Tri-X. Its overclocking capabilities are good. At 1150 Mhz GPU with 80 mV boost it match 780 ti and runs perfectly stable as per Anandtech's review. Please suggest anything else...
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    laptop cooling pad under 4k?

    i have a samsung np550p5c s02in and i want ti buy a cooling pad for it. i am considering notepal infinte evo and notepal x3 some says u3 is also good? please suggest any other better than these if you know. i can expand my budget for it.
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    galaxy note II or galaxy S3?

    i want to buy a phobe and shortlisted these two. i live in hostel and travel very less(once a week for city) so no problem for carrying. i play very less games but watch a lot of movies. lot of means really alot. i have confusion between the quality of screen. S3 have a higher ppi but have a...
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    Connecting desktop PC with laptop using wi fi router.

    hi i have a wi fi router and a desktop PC connected to it with a ethernet cable and i just bought a laptop and i want to share my files on both computers. i just want to know that can i connect my desktop pc with my laptop using the router. My PC dont have wi fi, it is connected with a...
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    best gamong laptop budget 60k

    i want to get a gaming laptop in a budget of 60k i considered samsung series 5 550p5c-s02in but the only place where i am able to find it out is flipkart and it is now unavailable on flipkart also(may be out of stock) if you know any other site or place where it is available please tell me, if...
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    gaming headset other than roccat kave?

    i tried to find kave on every website i can please suggest any other headset or headphone with separate mic (link for mic also) my budget is 6500 with headphone + mic are sennheiser hd 555 good for gaming i want best bass a headphone can give main purpose is gaming
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    roccat kave availability??

    now i have mind set to buy roccat kave but it is out of stock everywhere in india. i checked flipkart, nextworld etc if anyone know where to buy them please inform me. sorry but please dont suggest any other headset. my budget is strictly 6000 and i find roccat kave as best headset in...
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    best gaming headsets

    i want to buy best gaming headset possible in my budget which is Rs.6000. i want most clear sound with huge bass. comfort, bass and durability are my required things. currently i am thinking of mad catz ax 180 Mad Catz AX 180 Universal Headset: Headset i also like Razer...
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    problem with wi fi router

    hi i got my wi fi router from flipkart. i posted some questions about router previously but now i am having problem using wi fi router with my reliance broadband. to use my broadband i have to log in on a webpage ( to use my internet for 24 hours. and also i dont have any...
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    how to use wi fi router with reliance broadband connection???

    hi i have ordered a wi fi router to work with my wired broadband connection but i have some queries... 1. reliance provided me connection without any modem. will a wi fi work. 2. to use my internet connection i need to login on a reliance broadband page and then i can use my connection. so if...
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    wireless router????

    hi i have ordered a wireless router on flipkart ( Flipkart: Buffalo 150Mbps Wireless-N Wireless Entry Model Router: Router ) i have a wired internet connection and i want to use it on my phone by wi fi, so please guide me set up the network. i have some quick question regarding wireless...
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    high ping than normal but normal d/l u/l speed.

    i have a reliance 500 kbps unlimited internet connection. but i am having a problem. i usually have about ~35 ping in indian servers but sometimes my ping increase to 100 and sometime even 250 in indian servers so gaming on european servers is impossible. i tried restarting my pc, reconnecting...
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