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  1. virus_killer

    Memory module problem.

    Guys, I have recently bought 2gig (1gig x 2) RAM from the eBay. I have got this Compaq presario V6102AU laptop and using Windows 7 beta and vista 32bits. before buying 2gig RAM i had checked earlier that my laptop can support up to 2gig of DDR2 memory. This morning i received them , but...
  2. virus_killer

    Can't view ext2 partition.

    Guys, Since past few days i am facing this strange problem. I've tried to fix it up but couldn't and that's why I'm here now. I have got this 1 gig micro SD card. couple of days before i formatted it and made two partitions , the FAT32 and the other one was ext2. now, i can't see this ext2...
  3. virus_killer

    Do you support HIV test before the marriage?

    Guys, I have been thinking to start a new thread on this topic for a while. The thread title says it all i guess. I want your opinion guys that weather The Government should introduce a new law that every man and woman has to test their blood before the marriage to make sure that either of...
  4. virus_killer

    Boot up error.

    Guys, I have installed fedora 9. its been more then two days since i have installed it. but now i am getting some error messages at boot up. The error messages are as followes These error message comes up after entering " i " at the start up. error messages " No devices found" "...
  5. virus_killer

    Happy Birthday to nation's Baapu, :-)

    Guys, I have been a memeber of this forum since more then two years. I have seen many threads related to membar's b'day, a thread related to festivals, and many more. Today is the birth day or our nation father. and none of us have created a thread or dedicated a thread to him. I am...
  6. virus_killer

    can't compile a java program.

    Guys, I have got a java program. its about multi threaded server. i am getting an error message while compiling this program. i have installed JDK 6.0 in my laptop. here how i compile the program. c:\Users\me> javac and this is an error message what i am getting. '...
  7. virus_killer

    Explain this shell script to me.

    Guys, I am new to shell script, and want to learn more about it. i have got one script to report on status of ADSL connection. i can understand half of it (or less then half). can you guys please help me out in this. Here is the script...
  8. virus_killer

    HTC diamond Pro or an Apple iPhone ?

    HTC Touch Pro or an Apple iPhone ? Guys As the title says a lot. but still let me explain it a bit. I want to buy a cell phone. I have got following things in my mind. so please read them all and suggest me one good cell phone which matches my criteria. 1. It has to be touch screen...
  9. virus_killer

    How to edit boot.ini file in vista?

    Techies, Well, my question goes like this. I deleted all my partitions and installed the fresh copy of Ubuntu in one of the partition i have created. and after that i installed Vista in another partition. The installation went fine for vista. everything was done perfect. but then guess what...
  10. virus_killer

    How to install Keylogger remotely ?

    Guys, My question is pretty simple , How do i install keylogger in a Desktop PC situated in different country ? I know its not hard to install the application if you have physical access over that PC. but what if you don't ? That PC is connected to Internet though. Any reply would be...
  11. virus_killer

    Want to record Live webcam chatting conversation.

    Geeks, I was just wondering that is there any free (or paid) applications which allows you to record live web cam chatting? It would be for MSN or Yahoo messenger. Any reply would be highly appreciated.
  12. virus_killer

    wireless modem+router, how ?

    Guys, I have got cable broadband connection at home and also got two laptops. currently i am connected with cable modem. whenever i want to access Internet through wireless, i always have to connect one of the laptop to the cable coming out from the modem. i want to get rid of that. All i...
  13. virus_killer

    A lady burnt alive.

    Guys, have a look at to this These kind of things are still happening in India. when our people will change their mentality? I really get pi$$ed of with these people.
  14. virus_killer

    My India is developing, but..?

    Guys, As we all know that our nation is developing. but what do you think guys that how many years we will take to compare our country with other developed countries? and what you guys think that what our youth should do to make it happen very soon? I would like to share a short story...
  15. virus_killer

    Where is boot.ini file?

    Techies, I want to delete some entries from boot.ini file , but i could not find out boot.ini file in vista. can you please tell me where is that file? any reply would be highly appreciated. Thank You
  16. virus_killer

    It says access denied, why ?

    Guys, I was trying to install GenTube in Mandriva,, but i was getting an error msg, please have a look at to this image and please help me if i am doin anything wrong. Any reply would be appriciated. Please Click Here
  17. virus_killer

    Need an iPod video converter.

    Guys, I was just wondering if there is any free video conerter to convert .flv files to .mp4 or any other which can be played in iPod. Reply would be appriciated. Thank you.
  18. virus_killer

    Shame on me. please help

    Guys, This is really a stupid question i'am gonna ask here. it goes like this, today i had changed my login password in vista ultimate (32 bits) and now i don't remember it. I tried many different ways but couldn't succeed. I did Google as well but none of them were useful to recover my...
  19. virus_killer

    A small Challenge ..!!

    Geeks, Can anyone please tell me an IP address of "bneweb" ? if you get it than please share with us that how did you do it.
  20. virus_killer

    Question on Network.

    Hi guys, My professor has given us one question and we have to answer that, I've tried my level best but couldn't solve the question. Now i need your help guys. The question is :- A network administrator is investigating a problem with slow access to remote hosts on a particular...
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