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  1. patkim

    Gen Post - UEFI Shell - How to access and basic uses

    As requested by some of you. Some details on UEFI Shell UEFI enables accessing at least FAT file system as well as running efi applications. UEFI Shell is an element of UEFI and it can be sort of considered as a command prompt (a small OS / efi app that runs on top of UEFI) that can run a...
  2. patkim

    D2H HD STB - 1080p setting reverts to 720p.

    I recently got my Videocon D2H SD STB replaced by HD STB (V-5004 HD) model. I have Philips LCD 4000 series full HD (FHD) TV supporting 1080p on HDMI v1.3. The possible options in STB settings are 720p, 1080p & 1080i. I have set it to 1080p. However, if there’s a slight delay in starting TV or...
  3. patkim

    Seeking inputs and review on Corsair 100R Case.

    Hi, Is anyone using recent Corsair 100R Case? In Digit Magazine's PC Config Section this is also suggested as one of the cabinet options for entry level gaming system configs. I read reviews and pictures online indicate to me that it might be hard to route the 8 PIN CPU EPS Power connector on...
  4. patkim

    Why do I see ads on Digit Forum after logging in?

    Hi, I thought ads were only for those who are unregistered and / or have not logged on to Digit Forum. These days when I log in to Digit Forum I see ads, mostly in one or two places. Top bar and sometimes just below the search box. Am I missing something (may be in settings) or is this a new...
  5. patkim

    Any call blocker with Wildcard pattern blocking?

    Hi, I am looking for a preferably free Call Blocker app for Android phone (I have Redmi 1S MIUI 8)that is capable of blocking calls without need for a block list in such a way where the number starts with a pattern like a wildcard search. Every week I receive about a dozens of automated calls...
  6. patkim

    Any AM4 mobo with SATA Mode as IDE?

    I was going thru the specs and manuals of various Gigabyte AM4 motherboards. At least from the manuals I infer that looks like SATA Mode as IDE is a thing of the past! None of the manuals ( at least 5 - 6) that I referred to, seem to offer this setting in firmware. All only support either AHCI...
  7. patkim

    Any software to check the Laptop Fan speed?

    Is there any app that can tell me for sure if the laptop fan is working or not and what's the fan speed? There are several apps out there but most seem to be working on desktop PC, I am not to sure if they work on Laptop. I tried SpeedFan but sadly for unknown reasons the app crashes on my...
  8. patkim

    Planning to buy Seagate 1 TB laptop HDD, any suggestions?

    Hi, How is Seagate Barracuda 1 TB 7mm Laptop HDD for general use in desktop or laptop? Anyone using Seagate Laptop HDDs? I am likely to buy above one soon. If you have any suggestion, kindly share. Thanks.
  9. patkim

    Looking for multi session boot DVD to ISO app

    Is there any software that can create ISO’s from CD/DVD in such a way that it includes all sessions as well as bootable track (wherever applicable) As of now I have tried many (Burn Aware Free, PowerISO, ISO Buster) but they all extract only the first session (and boot track if present). I...
  10. patkim

    Any app for video camera on Android?

    On my Redni Note 4, the video capture is very bad, there's a lots of audio cracking heard. I suspect this is a software problem. I am looking for a video camera app similar to native android app that will allow me to take videos from phone camera. I guess I am not searching correctly on...
  11. patkim

    Any Windows app to take repeated screenshots of specified area?

    I am looking for a Windows app whereby I can select a screen size and the app will allow me to take repeat screenshots of the same specified area again and again. I will change change the background screen as required. e.g. a background app can be a PDF file displayed on screen. I want to...
  12. patkim

    Is there any Rescue Disk that's UEFI boot capable

    As we know there's this Hiren boot CD (I think the latest v is 15.2)that's a bootable rescue disk with many freeware tools on it. it is however not compliant with UEFI system. You would need to enable CSM to boot off it on UEFI. I am wondering if there exists any rescue disk similar to Hiren...
  13. patkim

    General Question about wireless mouse

    I have been using Microsoft Wireless mouse for last few years. Now its buttons are failing and I am planning to buy a new one. What I liked about this mouse is that when you place the receiver back in its slot at the bottom of the device, the mouse automatically switches itself off. I am...
  14. patkim

    General Query Is a good and reliable site?

    While searching on the net, I came across this RIGASSEMBLER | Online Shopping India: BUILD PC | Buy PC hardware, peripherals & more site selling computer parts online. The head office seems to be located in Nehru Place New Delhi. There's a phone number mentioned. I shall be calling up on that...
  15. patkim

    Redmi 1S - Navigation Keys failed

    I have Redmi 1s that's now 3 years old. Ironically it's navigation keys stop working randomly. When they work they work when don't they simply do not respond. I have to reboot the phone a number of times and then sometimes they work. It's hard to tell if this is hardware or software issue. I...
  16. patkim

    Data network falls to H or H+ but 4G

    I have Redmi note 4 and when in Pune when I push the network to LTE only it fails to get any network. When I set it to prefer LTE it falls back to 3G. I have no clue how to get it working for 4G. The SIM is inserted in first slot that definitely supports 4G. I checked with Vodafone customer care...
  17. patkim

    How / Where can I view the days left before trial period expires - IDM?

    I have installed Internet Download Manager 30 day trial (older version v6.18)sometime back. I have lost track of the date. Now when I run IDM it just tells me that this is a Trial Version. (Help --> About) I am trying to check if there's any way/option in IDM that can tell me how many trial...
  18. patkim

    Any good free app for GPS tracking using Android for family member

    Hi, I am looking for an app that can track and show me the location of mobile phone that is with my family member. I am finding it tricky to select one. All say GPS tracking but most just record your own history i.e. places you visited. Using that app I should be able to see the real time...
  19. patkim

    Where is Hitachi HDD Service Center in Pune?

    Is there any Hitachi Service center for HDD in Pune city? Does any one have any idea? I have asked Hitachi thru online query on their website but despite 3 days, there's no response yet. Thx.
  20. patkim

    Networking - Pl. Suggest software to monitor data usage from dial up connection

    Hi, We were surprised to find that the internet data usage shown by Tata Photon prepaid dongle was consumption of 800MB on a single day when to best of our knowledge the dongle was ON for hardly 2 continuous hours but it was normal browsing. 800MB full throttle in just 2 hours on 3.1Mbps does...
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