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  1. techtronic

    BSNL to launch 'Fiber to Home' for high speed internet

    It feels so good to post after a very long time. BSNL is moving in the right direction, although pricing may make them shoot their own legs :-D
  2. techtronic

    Cant download using multi-threads, cant resume downloads

    Check your download and upload speeds using and update the same here. Which ISP are you using ?
  3. techtronic

    SATA in Intel Motherboard

    SATA Features such as NCQ and others wont work in Legacy Mode thereby decreasing HDD performance.
  4. techtronic

    Upgrading 1 yr old PC, mainly used for gaming

    If your PCIe Slot is 2.0, then you can go for either nVIDIA 9XXX Series or ATi 4XXX or 3XXX Series, else you would have to settle down for nVIDIA 8XXX or ATi 2XXX Series
  5. techtronic

    Need to Buy Original Kaspersky Internet Security ?

    Where can we buy licences in Chennai ?
  6. techtronic

    1tetrabyte HDD Anyone using??

    Could you please specify the reason for opting to buy 1 TB HDD ? If the reason is to backup your files, I suggest you go for 1 TB USB Drive rather than HDD.
  7. techtronic

    lost HDD partition after installing openSUSE 11.0

    You can create a maximum of only 4 Primary partitions in a HDD. The alternative method is to create 3 Primary Partitions and 1 Extended Partition.
  8. techtronic

    Bursting Crackers - Yes or No?

    Well I am more concerned for the animals that get injured because of the bursting of crackers.
  9. techtronic

    32-Bit and 64-Bit computing Difference

    Your hardware can be 64-Bit but IMHO 64 Bit OS can cause severe headaches sometimes. Classic example, replacing Intex Ethernet Card for an on board Ethernet which has stopped working. If its Windows XP 32 Bit with SP2, unsigned drivers are accepted, but the NIC cannot be installed in Windows...
  10. techtronic

    How to install .tar.gz in Ubuntu

    The tar.gz file is a Tar Ball file which is gun zipped for Compression. To extract the tar file simply use tar -zxvf <filename> In Linux, you can use the man command to learn about the options available when executing commands. For example open a terminal window and type man tar. This will...
  11. techtronic

    NTFS or FAT32 ! ! !

    NTFS also supports Security Options.;) And since Linux Distros now have FUSE and NTFS-3G, you will not run into any compatibility issues in case you want to mount your NTFS Partitions in Linux
  12. techtronic

    need help in antivirus

    I suggest you to go with Kaspersky Internet Security. Offline Updates are provided for it. URL :
  13. techtronic

    Lan connection issue with Windows XP

    If I am not wrong, are you trying to access Internet from both the PCs ? If yes, then check your gateway settings in PC
  14. techtronic

    How do i know i'm running sata ??

    Check the HDD Config in your BIOS Settings. That will let you know the HDD is PATA or SATA
  15. techtronic

    Software to display the serial keys

    You can also try Lavalys Everest Ultimate Edition to get the info
  16. techtronic

    Problem writing DVD DL, low disk space

    What software are you using for burning the DVD ? Nero, Ashampoo ?
  17. techtronic

    what is the size of monitor,u are using right now ?

    Dell E248WFP - 1920*1200
  18. techtronic

    XP | Is it possible to display a warning message for remote desktop users

    Windows XP is a Desktop Operating System buddy. The OS you are referring might be a Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Services enabled.
  19. techtronic

    booting problem

    Try to start with the RAM buddy. Try to boot with 1 slot of RAM (assuming its 4*1 GB).
  20. techtronic

    Need Main Differences between G31, G33, G35 and P35 , P45 chipsets.

    This should be self explanatory
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