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  1. Pravas

    Broke my One Plus 3 Screen

    Hi everyone, I broke my 2months old one plus 3's screen recently. Worst part is that I'd no knowledge of claiming the insurance which we have to activate manually within 30days of purchase. Now I'm stuck with a broken screen with my only option to repair it under a cost of 8K. I guess...
  2. Pravas

    Looking for Nokia 808 Pure View

    Hi everyone, is it possible to get the Nokia 808 pure view? New or Used. I'm in Chennai. I would like to know the price and availability. Thanks
  3. Pravas

    HTC One X/White

    Hi fellow Digitians I'm here to sell 2 months old HTC One X/White The details are as follows:- 1. Model number and details: HTC One X S720e/White (Tegra 3 Quad Core) 2. Date of purchase: It was gifted but as mentioned on the box, March 2012 3. Reason for sale: Eyeing on Nexus 7 Tablet and...
  4. Pravas

    My PC is Infected Please Help...

    The first thing I do every morning is check my G-Mail. But today when I opened the page it showed me the error as shown in the attached image. I;m using windows 7 64 bit edition and I've AVG free antivirus installed which fails to show up in the task bar. Please help me out guys as soon as...
  5. Pravas

    URGENT HELP PLS..CPU is restarting continuosly????

    Hello everybody, So here's the problem I'm facing lately. Whenever I switch on my PC (CPU) restarts automatically like a car refusing to start in a cold weather. And the thing is that it restarts without booting(beep) sound. And when I hear the beep sound it means that my system will start...
  6. Pravas

    Having Problem Removing Entry From Add/Remove Program

    I want to remove an entry from Add/Remove program and I tried various methods with Registry editing and few third partly software but it wont work. While Registry and Thirdpartly tricks are working well on other softwares. But For some reason it won't work on the sotware that I want to be...
  7. Pravas

    Fade Out Graphics Problem

    I dunno what exactly to call this Problem but I'm attaching an Image for the same. I've circled the problem in Orange. Dunno for some reason it doesn't appear much in other explorer items, but when I right click or It's mostly visible in my 3D Applications. Yeah it goes away(not completely)...
  8. Pravas

    How To Limit Speed On Beetel 450BX 1

    Hi Guys, i am having 384KBps Internet connection shared between 3 users(2 Wired+1 Wireless). The other wired user usually downloads stuffs from torrent and as a result the websites takes too long to open. So if anyone out there could help me limit speed through router, it would be very helpful.
  9. Pravas

    Desktop Users Sitting Arrangement?

    Hi all, i am a Desktop User and spend enormous time infront of it. So as a result I'm having back pains. And I've to blame this to my uncomfortable sitting arrangement. I would now opt for some ergonomics, do you guys use one or can suggest me few.
  10. Pravas

    Help Upgrade On My P5B Mobo

    Hi guys, would ya all please help me Upgrade on my P5B Deluxe Wifi Mother board? It's been 3yrs now:grin: My Pc configuration is as below:- Mobo:-Asus p5b Proccy:- E6400 (2.13 Ghz) Ram:- Zion 2Gb DDR2 667 Mhz Gfx:- Nvidia 8600GT 256 MB PSU:- 450V's First i would like to upgrade my RAM to...
  11. Pravas

    Microtek UPS Backup Lasts Only For Few Seconds

    Hi techies , I'm using a Microtek UPS(HGE600AZ)from last 3yrs.. and it's backup time has significantly reduced,around 5 seconds.... So i called up a nearest service center and told them my problem, they replied me that i need to replace the battery... Now i would like to know, can't it be...
  12. Pravas

    How To Use Mobile Phone As Microphone??

    Hi all,I was wondering if i could use my mobile as Microphone? No not for my Computer..... i want to use with speakers you know what i mean...i want to connect a speaker jack into my phone...and i want my voice to get amplified through my phone to the speakers..:grin: By the way i have Nokia...
  13. Pravas

    Hp Pavillion Tx1000 Network Driver..

    Hi guys i need network driver for xp....please can some one upload or guide me....i am tired of searching.... i have *.inf files on my pc for drivers...can any one tell me how to install that...
  14. Pravas

    DVD Rom reads Cd's But Wont Read DVD's

    Hii ppl i am using Lite -On LH-20A1P.... it's happening from few months that my DVD Writer..reads all cd's fine but it fails to recognize dvd's(This months Digit DVD's for instance)... Please help me out....
  15. Pravas

    DVD Reads Cd's But Wont Read DVD's

    Hii ppl i am using Lite -On LH-20A1P.... it's happening from few months that my DVD Writer..reads all cd's fine but it fails to recognize dvd's(This months Digit DVD's for instance)... Please help me out....
  16. Pravas

    Mobile Internet Andhra Pradesh Circle

    Can any one help me up with the Service Providers offering Good Gprs/Edge Plan??:?:
  17. Pravas

    Suggest Me A CellPhone Within 13K

    Hi Friends...looking for mobile which should have *Large Screen *support for Edge,Wifi,3g *Good Camera
  18. Pravas

    Need A PC for Animation under 40k

    Hi all, my friend need to configure a pc under 40k..for 3D Animation... Basic Requirement:- 4Gb Ram Quadcore A good graphics card...may be a Nvidia Quadro... 19" Lcd Monitor.... 320 or 500 Gb HDD please guys suggest me a complete configuration...including cabinet..and if you can also provide...
  19. Pravas

    Burn't DVD's Wont Read After Ejecting

    Hi all..i am using Nero 8 for burning my DVD's... so yesterday i burnt a couple Data DVD's with the option checked"Do not eject the disk after the Burn is complete".... so this is what exactly happening....after the disk burn is complete ..i can check the content of the disk and the moment i...
  20. Pravas

    Need To Buy A Mp3 Player Within 3k

    Hi all ..i am looking for a descent mp3 player.. *Must have a display.. *at least 2Gb capacity *must have a good sound (i mean strong on bass) *good earphones with good bass support *should support folder view I am ready to spend 3k and may extend 500 more if required....but it should include...
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