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    How safe are you?

    Once idiots believed smoking was good for health
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    How safe are you?

    why reviewers including digit doesn't mention sar value and mention it as a negative point for the ones with high sar values? I prefer to buy samsung smartphones since they are mostly low on sar values at-least in a few mid range ones. Also they put their antennas in the bottom in most of...
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    Phone under 9k (+/-1k) for games and good camera with OTG support

    +1, yes Gionee is a chinese brand which doesn't act like one. Its known for built quality at low price tag. I suggest Gionee M2 since it got a Jumbo battey of 4200 Mah ( more playing time), 5" Screen, can use as powerbank to charge ur ipad, kitkat update coming. Camera isn't too bad, take a...
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    Help me in choosing a room heater

    Hi digitans, I am looking to buy a room heater in budget range. I don't need very powerful heater, a moderate one is enough. For rainy nights and on winter. As this is my first buy and my budget is in the lower end I wish to buy it @ around 2K, the lower the better. My concerns,1) what are...
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