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    Laptop under 45K

    Hi fellow forum users, The specs I need are mentioned below: Brief Summary: Planning to use the laptop Bit of programming, surfing, watching HD movies, Skyping, (No gaming or hardly at all), may be a bit virtualization (not decided though), reading lots of PDFs (would be ideal to buy a Kindle...
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    Best phone around 25K

    1. Budget? - Around 25K more or less 2. Display type and size? - Crisp and clear. not more than 5". should fit in my jeans. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?- Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? - All are welcome. Though have a soft corner for nokia. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY...
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    3 issues - heating, memory and optical drive issue

    Hello fellow brothers There are 3 issues I would like to talk to you about so please bear with me I have an old 5-6 year old Intel p4 desktop with D101ggc motherboard. For sometime now there is a loud humming/whizzing sound emanating from my pc. My psu is corsair and it does not emit...
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    Laptop in range of 25K-30K

    Laptop in range of 25K-35K Hello, This post I am writing on behalf of my friend, who tried to register on this site but could not post as the activation mail did not appear in her inbox as well as spam. To put it briefly she wants to buy a laptop in range of 25K to 30K. She has a sister...
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    laptop for @ 35K for general activity in doha, qatar

    Hi My requirement is to buy a general purpose laptop costing around 35K. Presently staying in doha Qatar. My usage are very general, using ms office, surfing, reading, office work. I am not interested in gaming, though would like to have an option of watching movies sometimes As I am...
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    busted 3 psus in 3 years

    Hello In past 3 years I have busted 3 psus. Two were Circle and one was iball. I do not know their rated values as the problem was addressed by my pc vendor. The side panel of my last psu was as below. +12V -12V +5V -5V +3.3V +5VSB 14A 0.5A 25A 0.5A 14A 2.0A Thus I guess...
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