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    Need new Logitech M235 Mouse nanoreceiver

    Recently I lost my Logitech M235 nanoreceiver, and I was wondering where I could buy a replacement from, preferably online...
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    Portable Keyboard

    Looking for an extremely portable keyboard. BTW was also looking for a mouse and would appreciate any help. Not decided about my budget as of now but could you guys post some links so I can come to a decision?
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    need new cpu and motherboard

    so im unable to play bf3 on my pc with 2.4 ghz processor and 9500gt card and i am considering updating i am thinking of purchasing an.ati 6670 and im not sure about motherboard and cpu. could you guys recommend any cpu which would let me play games on atleast mid settings for 2-3 years...
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    Looking for suggestions - Asus G53SW-XR1

    Hi, I was looking to buy a gaming laptop and I was recommended to a site: There I customized an Asus G53SW-XR1 with Full HD screen, 1.5GB Nvidia 460m, 8GB RAM, i7-2630QM processor, and the price came out to be 1041$ (USD) Now, firstly I want to know if this site is trusted, and...
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    HP dv6-6121tx

    Hello everyone, I was looking to buy a laptop under Rs 60,000 and I found out about the 6121tx, which had great specs. However, recently I saw a post on the forums about the 6165tx model, which was having a better processor and was almost the same price. When I clicked on the provided link...
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