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    Advice on buying refillable cartridges 73/73N for Epson TX121

    Hi folks, I have been using Epson TX121 for over an year and mostly for taking few printouts per week. My problem is .. if i keep the printer idle for more than a week, i have to perform a nozzle clean and calibration of the printer which takes away around 35% of the ink. Since the original...
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    How to improve file copying speed on Windows 7 ?

    I know at times you may have wondered the slowness of file copying using windows file explorer.. Its time to switch to TeraCopy...!!! TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector Just try it out .. i have had 30 % increase in file copying speed when i copy files from hard disk to usb...
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    Please help me choose between these 4 camera models which are under Rs 10000 !

    Hello, I've been looking to buy a good point and shoot long zoom camera. I have the following 4 models to choose from. I had chosen fujifilm S2980 camera and returned it due to poor quality pictures (dullest color and lack of clarity and focus) and horrible quality lcd screen. 1. Canon...
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