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    Which is Best Laptop - DELL or HP or Sony or Lenevo or Samsung

    Hi Friends, Plz help me out to buy a good configuration laptop in a good brand which cost should around 30k - 40k. Should have Good battery life, shouldn't produce OVER HEAT. But My preference - HP and SONY
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    URGENT:::Please suggest Digital Camera between $300 - $400.

    Please suggest Digital Camera between $300 - $400.
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    Post Ur Java Programs

    Hi friends i have started dis forum regarding interview based...... so post ur programs which u think dat s neccessary in d basis of interview..... FACTORIAL import java.math.BigInteger; public class Factorial { public static void main(String[] args) { //--...
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    laptop help needed!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Friends, please guide me which s d best laptop n which brand..... Expected Range:35,000-40,000
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    oracle 9i

    Hi Friends, i wished to use n to learn sql so i need oracle s/w to perform sql....send d link where i can get it.......
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    linux popularity!!!!

    Hi, i started dis forum to get known about linux benefits compare to windows so pls help me guys to dis forum...... linux became popular....... ans.) it has ability to give privileges to user n also to files dis s d main reson to d popularity..... tell ur comments why linux became...
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    ssh comand in linux

    HI FRIENDS, how to use or perform ssh command in linux please give me a tutorial or steps to perform it.... thanks in advance......
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    wifi connection in pc

    HI, i am staying in college hostel in our college dey providing internet connection through wifi i want know how to connect my pc to wifi to use internet surfing.... please guide me me how to set d der any requirement s needed to set wifi.... please give me a proper n excellent...
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    Game in linux

    Hi friends, can we able to play a game in linux if so ? kind of game we can play n give some game names to play or tell sites to download games for linux....
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    Redhat linux

    HI Friends, i need redhat linux latest version so pls give me a download link... iam preparing for redhat exam so it will be usefull to work in home so i need it... As soon as possible give me ur reply ...Thank u in advance.....
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    software in linux

    Hi Friends, how to install a software in linux...Like .deb files...pls reply me.....
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    user creation in linux

    Hi Friends, how to create new user in linux tell me detailed procedure n how to find user id number n group id number....
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    Java or Dotnet

    Hi Friends, which will rule the future... tell me ur opnions.... me: java s best... because xp going to destroy by themitself gets lots of complaints n its lots of promblem 3.many user now preferring linux for security purpose if all ver using linux...
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    Linux Source Code

    Hi friends, iam familiar with linux cmds n iam able to work in linux.... my question s: i want know how to add an application to my desire in linux... it can done by editing source codes so i need source codes of iso linux n pls guide me how to add or modify a applications in linux according to...
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    slax linux

    HI, i have downloaded latest verson of slax linux but i dono how to install it or use it... so can u help me how to do it....
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    hi friends, iam interested to use linux so pls suggest me which distributor linux s best... my system config: 256ram(191mb) 80gb amd processor pls tell me which distributor version will work on dis config n also give download link if...
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    Java Or Dotnet

    hi friends iam fresher 2008 passed out B.E(ece) iam interested to do any one of technologies which will benefit me in the future so tell me ur opnion... which have got more job openings for freshers java or dotnet.... and wheather dotnet replacing java is it so tell ur comments...
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    computer courses

    hi friends iam fresher iam seeking for a job i wish to do some computer courses so please suggest me which s best n which have good trend now n in d future among these courses dotnet, oracle, sap.... dont negellect this thread by seeing reply s must..... thank u friends in advance....
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    Free game downloads

    hi friends please say some www for free games download....
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    Itunes Problem...

    hi friends in my pc itunes encounted a problem, its not able to install, before itunes i have installed floola software to access ipod, now i removed it n tried to install itunes but not done... please tell me the solution i think those who r reading this thread will definetely will reply.....
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