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  1. ayush_chh

    [FREE] - Digit Magazine 5 years

    Guys, I used to buy Digit Mag when i was in school. I have around 5-6 years of collection which i have kept (2005 ~2011) for these many years but i don't read them anymore and Need to clear the space now. If anyone would be interested to have these can PM me for my contact details . Location ...
  2. ayush_chh

    Please Suggest: Laptop under 30K with Core i5 (4th or 5th Gen)

    Hi, I am looking for a laptop under 30000 INR with Intel i5 (4th or 5th gen) 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30000 INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? screen size not more than 15.6", the smaller the better 3) What are the...
  3. ayush_chh

    Protective Padded / Cusioned Cover for Seagate Backup Plus Slim

    Hi Guys, I bought a Seagate External HDD (1 TB Backup Plus slim) last week. I need your help in suggesting a Cover for it. I am looking for a slip in cover, which opens only from 1 side so that i don't have to take the HDD out every-time i want to use it. I liked this one but then there is no...
  4. ayush_chh

    Telephoto Zoom Lens Suggestions!

    Guys, I am planning to buy a Telephoto Zoom Lens. Very tight on Budget hence narrowed down to below two.. 1) Tamron AF 70-300 mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro Lens (Model-A17) 2) Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED I will be using this for Candid, Portrait and Landscapes mostly.I wanted to go...
  5. ayush_chh

    40" TV for 40 K

    Guys, one of my friend wants to buy a 40" LED TV. His Budget is 40K. He can exceed a little bit not an issue. Requirements 1) Should be Slim 2) Full HD 3) Crisp Picture quality 4) Connectivity to PC is a plus 5) Support for Video formats is a Plus any other suggestion is always welcome...
  6. ayush_chh

    Is it possible to install Windows RT on phone/tablet ?

    Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to install Windows Phone on my Tablet/Phone. Did some research and found that most of the phones ( android) have ARM architecture. Hence, cannot install Windows Phone on such devices. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Also found that...
  7. ayush_chh

    XOLO Q800 - Short Review

    I bought the XOLO Q800 by Lava Mobiles yesterday. Here is my experience with the phone. You may also visit the Official page for Specs at below link. XOLO Q800 | XOLO Starting with the review In the Box Clean premium packing by Xolo. You get a slide box. The contents are as follows...
  8. ayush_chh

    Need Suggestion: MMX Canvas HD, XOLO Q800, Karbonn s5 Titanium

    Guys, I am planning to buy a powerful budget droid :) Please suggest from below 3.. 1) Micromax Canvas HD 2) Xolo Q800 3) Karbonn S5 Titanium should be able to run heavy apps and should have good Display. you may as well suggest apart from this but spec should be as of the above.. My Budget...
  9. ayush_chh

    How to Copy the actual target file through Shortcut?

    Hi Guys, I have a folder on my Desktop with shortcuts to Songs all over my HDD. what i require now is to copy those songs (in diff locations) to my Pen Drive using these shortcuts that i have created. Any Idea on this? Thanks Ayush
  10. ayush_chh

    Help! New Laptop <50K for Animation

    Guys, I have to buy a new laptop for my sister. she is doing an Animation Course at MAAC. Few things i would like to know. 1) suggest a Laptop if you can (No Trouble left for me) :)) 2) if not (1) then What should i look for a) Powerful Processor (Intel i7) b) Combo of powerful...
  11. ayush_chh

    same old question - pls Help (Mobile under 10K)

    Hi guys, Have got 10k to spend for a cell phone. I went through other threads..i found one name Sony Ericsson c510. Can you all suggest me any thing else?? or can i go with it? Note:- I am not a Touch Fan. Thanks :)
  12. ayush_chh

    how to create group mail?

    hi , i just wanted to know how can i create a group mail for a certain group of people. i have their mail ids, i just want to use them and create a group mail. i know the general process of creating a group and then adding contacts to it. is there any way by which i can do it according to my...
  13. ayush_chh

    Cannot run GTA4 properly

    hi guys, i tried installing gta4 ..but it gives a very low frame rate....the gameplay is very slow..although there is no lagging.... my config --------- OS - Win XP SP3 RAM - 4 GB (only 3 GB usable) Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz XFX Nvidia 9600GT (512 MB) Graphics card is this...
  14. ayush_chh

    Google's New Year Countdown Timer

    hi just goto and without typing anything in the textbox click on "i 'm feeling lucky".... you will see a countdown timer....for the year 2010...:smile: i found it accidently today and then googled for it..;) source...
  15. ayush_chh

    use multiple keys in C

    hi guys! How can i use multiple keys in C? i am doing a graphics project. my aim is to move an object from one place to other. for moving to left, right, up and down we can use directional keys. this i have already achieved. Now i want to move the same object in diagonal direction using...
  16. ayush_chh

    How to Control PC over Network?

    hi guys! how can we control a PC over Network. With control i mean full control, so that i can even control the cursor movement of the client PC through the host. i have seen this happening. some of the guys from a big company had to take some data from my father's office computers. so...
  17. ayush_chh

    adding help file to vb project

    hi guys! i am doing my VB project right now and got this problem. i have successfully compiled a help file ( .chm) and i have also linked that file in HelpFile of project. so i get the helpfile whenever i press F1. what i want to do is , i have a menu 'Help' and i want to load this help file...
  18. ayush_chh

    Winamp 5.531 AutoTag Feature

    Hi Guys! Those who already know this Please ignore. Yesterday while playing with file Info. in winamp for a song, i found this autotag feature(never noted this before). Just click on it and it amazingly tags the song, any song i must say. I have tried many Hindi songs. Right Click on a song...
  19. ayush_chh

    cannot format flash drive

    hi i have a Sony Micro vault 16GB. The problem is it is detected by the OS but it shows raw filesystem. i cannot format it from anywhere(diskmanagement, command prompt, not even from sony format software, it says no device found). pls help.......:( PS:- i have Fedora 8 and Win Xp...
  20. ayush_chh

    kaspersky - no chatting..:(

    hi guys! i installed kaspersky 7.0 some does ago and i find that i cannot use any of the messengers yahoo,msn,gtalk.......... as soon as i login in any of the messengers, it automatically vanishes, and then i find them in quarantine. i have also tried restoring them and adding them to...
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