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  1. dude1

    Need Urgent Help..Buying Laptop..Budget 70- 80k

    1) What is your budget? 70k,80k if its worth. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 13-15 inch, my 15 inch samsung jst broke down. 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Watching movies, project work, and Light gaming...
  2. dude1

    Mobile around Rs. 10,000

    wait for yu yureka
  3. dude1

    IEM for around INR 2000.

    Check out signature acoustics c12 on your budget.
  4. dude1

    Good GPU under 3200INR

    Why do you need it? what are your PC specifications?
  5. dude1

    Help build 75k Gaming rig.

    Thanks deathblade.These 2-3 days would be horrific waiting! - - - Updated - - - Cpu- i5 4690k. =15k Mobo- Msi z97 pc mate.= 8k Gpu- Zotac gtx 970 amp! extreme edition 4GB.=31k Cabinet- coolermaster k380.=3k Psu- seasonic s12 620W.=5.5k Ram- 8GB corsair venegance 1600mhz.=5.5k Monitor- Lg 24...
  6. dude1

    Help build 75k Gaming rig.

    Guyz Thank you all for suggestions. Initially I was going to buy everything online but as my father(of course he was paying!) insisted getting everything from oldschool "PC-wallah". First he didn't have xeon e3-1246v3, other xeons he had didn't have igp. So got i5 4690k instead for 15k seamed ok...
  7. dude1

    Haswell Stock cooler good enough?

    Does that mean i5 would run hotter or cooler under similar loads compared to your procy? I would be playing Intensive games for 4-5 hours at 20 deg C room temp.
  8. dude1

    Gaming Keyboard.

    You can go with G105 if you want backlight. The typing experience would be similar on both. I feel G105 is slightly sturdier than the razer.
  9. dude1

    Need a very very powerful grapics card

    Well I was quoted 32.5k as the price. I bargained hard and I too dragged the online price thing and claimed(falsely ;)) that its available for 30k online... He agreed at 31k. A friend of mine had some issues with his nvidia card as he bought it from flipkart. He did what topgear said and...
  10. dude1

    Haswell Stock cooler good enough?

    Thanks deathblade.
  11. dude1

    Haswell Stock cooler good enough?

    Guyz I have finalized a rig with an i5 4690k. I am not going to do any heavy work except gaming like BF4, FC4, SoM,COD-AW,etc. I wanted to buy a cooler master hyper212x cooler but decided to skip it for a month because the rig price is off-shooting my budget by about 8k. So I wanted to ask if...
  12. dude1

    Need a very very powerful grapics card

    No it is not always true. I got for 2k less in pune. You can get lower than online price in nehru place or lamington road too.
  13. dude1

    Need a very very powerful grapics card

    A non evga gpu from India will have a WARRANTY.. Old games are compatible on Windows 7 and many pre-2006 games can run even on your Intel graphics at good frame rate. The gtx 970 zotac amp extreme edition that i have suggested runs cool and quiet due to 3 fans and is factory overclocked.Runs out...
  14. dude1

    Pls Suggest Headphones for 2.5K

    In your budget you can get Sennheiser HD 203 locally.Better sounding than HD 201. Costs around 2.7k online.
  15. dude1

    Need a very very powerful grapics card

    Get Nvidia gtx 980 if you are getting from US(550$ now).More powerful than R9 290 vaporx. Get Nvidia 970 amp extreme if getting from India(Similar performance as r9 290).
  16. dude1

    Help build 75k Gaming rig.

    Then I would go with ssd+hhd route(suggest one!).In the config suggested by deathblade, Should I go with xeon? It could be a problem if the gpu fails ? Also my question, should I buy zotac 970 or amp extreme edition?
  17. dude1

    Help build 75k Gaming rig.

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:For latest games like BF4, Starcraft ii-LoTV,Witcher 3, GTA V...
  18. dude1

    Interstellar (2014) Movie Discussion *Spoilers Ahead*

    They do age in cryosleep. Romilly ages even though he has 2 streches of cryosleep when cooper and brand are on water planet.
  19. dude1

    Bike daily commute 30km 80k-150k

    If you can , go for classic 350. Price around 1.3lac.Waiting period of around 3 months for non black version . Mileage around 35. Good power, awesome looks and excellent comfort. Also the torque-y engine is pleasant to drive in city traffic. I suggested that considering your built, it will suit...
  20. dude1

    Help!! need to buy a 4k TV under 3 lakh...

    Yeah that a plus point.I like passive 3d more. Any other TV I must take a look at(any curved samsungs)?
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