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  1. sujithtom

    [Preview + Feedback] - December 2006 Special Issue

    Not great contents for the CD/DVD. You just can't be good by increasing the number. Come on now you used to be better than this earlier. Give some good softwares instead of those some boring games and full movies that nobody will even touch...
  2. sujithtom

    Non bootable DVD RW Drive-Plz Help

    Yeah tht was the problem. Both my cdrom and dvd rw has been set as master and HDDs as slaves. Weird config. Are the computer vendors mad? Anyways I changed it. Now the 2 HDD are Primary master and slave and CDROM and DVD RW secondary master and slave. Just like how it should have been. Its...
  3. sujithtom

    Non bootable DVD RW Drive-Plz Help

    I wanna install some Linux Distros through bootable DVDs i got with a magazine. The prob is that my DVD Writer (Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A) is not being shown in the list of bootable devices in the BIOS. I also have a CD-ROM and probably this DVD RW might have been installed as a 'slave' drive. Is...
  4. sujithtom

    50 Fun Things To Do During An Exam

    Oh man really funny. I am rolling on the floor laughing. I just wanna try it out!!
  5. sujithtom

    Get ready to install official Google pack on your PC

    Oh cool man. You found how to time travel? You must be a guy from the past! Dude this is a damn old new man!!
  6. sujithtom

    RAM Consumption in Firefox 2

    No way dudes. FF 2.0 Beta 1 was really light and fast but this beta 2 its really bad when compared to Opera. It takes thrice the time to load when compared to Opera. The only reason I still use FF is that Opera can't save HTML files properly (i.e Images aren't saved by default)
  7. sujithtom

    What is "Google Adsense" ?

    Simple. Google Adsense is a program by google (ofcourse) which users who own some website, webspace or such similiar stuffs can sign up to so that they can display Google Ads there. When ppl click on the ads the user will get a % of the money gained by Google and when the money stacks up to 100$...
  8. sujithtom

    TUTORIAL: Bypass Megaupload Restriction for Indian Users!

    Thnx a million Vishal
  9. sujithtom

    Use Notepad as a Diary :A new useful utility come and try

    NotePad has limitation for the amount of text you can store and how the hell are you gonna read diary entires through NotePad. Does it work with WordPad?
  10. sujithtom

    In WinAmp::Play RealMedia [.rm,.rmvb,etc.] & QuickTime [qt,.mov,.m4v,.m4p,.m4b] files

    Nice guide dude. Hope Winamp will be fast as ever after these tweak. P.S: I hear somewhere that Real/QuickTime Alternative is illegal.
  11. sujithtom

    which is the best race in Warcraft 3?

    Orcs are the best. They can stunt enemies as well as heal a large number of units by putting a healing ward. But undeads flying unit (the big dragon) is beyond comparison with any other unit....
  12. sujithtom

    stay away from these download managers !

    FDM rulzzzz. I have been using it for over an year now..
  13. sujithtom

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit July 06

    Well Fasttrack was useless :( Everything was too brief. Softwares needs improvement. Well the rest was OK. The topic about porn was perfectly handled. WHo is this Agent 001 really?
  14. sujithtom

    DAP sucks - A story from DAP lover

    FDM is really really great. I love it. So sad nobody is making softwares for it.
  15. sujithtom

    multiple messenger service

    Meboo's really buggy. Try Trillian. Its the best....
  16. sujithtom

    [By Demand] Digit August 2006 DVD/CD

    MSN Messenger Nokia PC Suits WallPapers Symbian Games and Softwares and Vista (why not? :P )
  17. sujithtom

    The Ultimate Firefox Guide

    Themes Themes (Dressing up the Fox…) Themes, also known as skins, are everybody’s favorite. Even though it makes a slight performance dip its a sacrifice worth making. Now I can’t list the best themes because they always change and better themes are being created everyday and different...
  18. sujithtom

    The Ultimate Firefox Guide

    Extensions Part II Extensions Part II Video Downloader:Do you use You Tube, Google Video or any such services and wish that you could easily save those Video files to your hard disk? If so then this extension will be of great use. It also downloads embedded objects like mp3s, flash and such...
  19. sujithtom

    The Ultimate Firefox Guide

    Extensions Part I Extensions (The path to perfect Fox…) [PART I] Extensions are cool add-ons to the browser that brings to unimaginable power to a Firefox. There are millions of extensions around the globe and thousands of popular extensions. Unfortunately I can’t help you select your...
  20. sujithtom

    The Ultimate Firefox Guide

    Tweaks and Customisation (For those who dare…) Firefox is perhaps the only browser that will allow you to control everything you can imagine in very simple ways without any external programs. There are two methods to customise and tweak Firefox. One is using external programs, easy, clean and...
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