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  1. q3_abhi

    Using net on PC via mob.

    Plz suggest me the cheapest or the best available net to PC via mob solution. I have a Nokia 6070 (edge enabled) . How much speeds i m gonna be getting on PC using this mob ??
  2. q3_abhi

    Remote Assistance on Dial-up? ??

    Is Remote Assistance possible on Dial-up??? Is it smooth??? Wat does it require??? Any thing additional to b installed????
  3. q3_abhi

    Mobile's Camera as a Webcam????

    Is it possible??? Can this b done???
  4. q3_abhi

    Share Your Computer Jokes Here

    When Bill Gates was in India, he had a chance 2 listen Ramayana from Atal Behari Vajpayee. After returning 2 US he wrote it in his personal Diary. A Tabloid in US got a copy of his writings. These are excerpts from his diary.   Ramayana by Bill Gates...   LAN, LAN ago, in the SYSTEM of...
  5. q3_abhi

    Make Thumb drive Autorun

    Is it possible to make a thumb drive autorun???? If yes, how????? :?:
  6. q3_abhi

    The cheapest Soln?????

    I have a following config : Celeron 1.7 256 MB DDR RAM. SiS 650 Onboard. Now i want the cheapest soln to upgrade my Computer so that i can play games like Quake III, NFS Most Wanted, AOE III, Ea Sports 2006 Series. The problem is that my mobo doesnt have an AGP Slot.
  7. q3_abhi

    E-mail Checker

    I want a softie which can check my E-mails by a click of mouse. It should reside in the taskbar n low on resources. Any sugesstions????[/b]
  8. q3_abhi

    Age of Empires III

    Have any one tried it??? Can any1 tell me how it is??? Shall i go for it?? System Requirements???? :?:
  9. q3_abhi

    No boot menu at Startup

    I had Windows 98 on C: n Windows XP on D: Now i have formatted C: (of Win98) n re-installed Win98 on it. Now at the startup i don get that boot menu, it directly starts Windows 98 I tried to add a boot.ini file in C: which i had backed up before formatting. But in vain. :cry: Now...
  10. q3_abhi

    Can Service Pack 2 be a culprit??

    I have installed Service Pack 2 on my PC. Now whenever the Computer starts, n if i navigate to - Start>Connect to> Dial-up, the Start Menu hangs. Other activities can be carried out smoothly. Menu responds after 10 min n so. I have to wait for 10 min to connect to the Internet. I have...
  11. q3_abhi

    Link me to Motorola 28.8 Modem drivers for Xp

    I wan Motorola 28.8 modem drivers for Windows XP. Pls link me there.
  12. q3_abhi

    Suggest me the Best way to reduce phone bill?????

    Can u tell me the best way to reduce the phone bill????? 1.B-phone line. 2. Broadband. 3. or anything else Becoz i have dial-up connection with 28.8 Kbps modem. So i get huge phone bills like 2000/- n n out of it 1000 of net. Pls help me..
  13. q3_abhi

    No registry???

    In Windows 98, Start>Run>regedit It gives the following error- Cannot find file "regedit".Make sure the path n filename is correct/ Moreover, no registry files are executed. Never got this problem before. What is to be done???
  14. q3_abhi

    Modem not working

    I have a 28.8 KBps Motorola Internal Modem. I have the drivers. I always install it on Windows XP with no problem. Everytime whenever i install the drivers, it prompts me to insert Windows XP CD n then a logical COM3 port is created. But this time,its not prompting me to Insert the...
  15. q3_abhi

    Should i really go for Broadband????

    I have a Dial up Connection with 28.8 KBps modem. I browse forum, download files upto 10 MB at the most. My father primarily checks his mail n do browse net. So i tell me should i go for the Broadband??? Will i get those downloading speeds as mentioned???? Will it really help me????
  16. q3_abhi

    How to use a UHARC compressor????

    I have a this compressor. Can anyone tell m ehow to use it???? It is dos-based.
  17. q3_abhi

    CD Library

    I have lots of CD's. So i want a software which can maintain the names n contents of those CD's. I want the software such that whenever i give the CD to my friend, i should be able to fill up his name n if he's is gonna return the CD in 7 days, i should get an indication. Any software of this...
  18. q3_abhi

    Which type of PC's do u have?????

    Which of these types??? For games specially anyone???? Why do u prefer the type of Pc's u have voted???
  19. q3_abhi

    Winamp problem!!!

    Hey dudes, I have a strange problem. When ever i start Winamp, it keeps on loading continuosly until it is closed i.e the CPU usage increases. I tried re-installing but nothing happened. I use DFX 7.2. I have Windows 98 SE. :roll:
  20. q3_abhi

    How to identify???????

    Suppose that i have just formatted my Hardisk. Re-installed Windows. I wanna install video drivers. But i donno which moderboard it is nor i can open the cabinet n check the type of motherboard. I also dont have any software. Then how to identify the type of Motherboard n Graphics type in...
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