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  1. Aberforth

    Are We (Indians) Racists ?

    Are Indians racist? No. A lot of Indians may be xenophobic, but the prevalence is no more than it is in other parts of the world. Bring up a SINGLE country in the world where you think there is no racism. We are just more open about it, since there aren't 938493 laws in India to keep our...
  2. Aberforth

    Is height important?

    You can't get around to justifying, since most girls would not blame height for rejecting a man. Rather, they'd claim "he is not my type" and whip up a 'personality defect' to reject a guy, so that they can justify themselves that they are not as shallow as men are.   The research was...
  3. Aberforth

    Copying owned-DVDs illegal - US Court Ruling

    Fortunately, most of us don't live in United States and hence, don't come under the purview of this court ruling.
  4. Aberforth

    “We will plant Pakistan’s flag on Delhi’s Red Fort”

    The same reason why educated Hindus don't do anything about the mass massacre of Christians in Orissa and Karnataka, or Muslims in Gujarat. Most people in any community are helpless against the extremists.
  5. Aberforth

    air india express crashes in mangalore

    It is sad tragedy indeed, but let us not over-react. Airlines in India are still amonst the safest in the world, with a fatality of less than 100 in ten years. Tyre bursts and overshooting the runway can happen anywhere in the world, even the safest of airports and airlines.
  6. Aberforth

    Piracy and anti piracy in India

    Exactly. Digital piracy is simply a breach of an agreement. One has to be really brainwashed to think it is stealing, in the real sense, no one actually gets robbed.   To curb piracy in India, corporates will need police and court system as a backbone, which is esentially hogging up an...
  7. Aberforth

    Piracy and anti piracy in India

    I find the whole hype and hoopla about piracy quite distasteful. India is a country where people are still stuggling to survive on a day-to-day basis. It is a country where we don't have enough legal resources to fight real crimes - like rape, murder, robbery and the like. And then we have...
  8. Aberforth

    Rapidshare problem

    Open command prompt and run ipconfig/flushdns ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew that order. Also try using opendns as a user suggested above. It will probably work.
  9. Aberforth

    Problem with my cousin(Girl)

    Leave her alone and let her play what she wants. It would have been something of a concern if she was a 13 year old, but not so much for a 17 year old.
  10. Aberforth

    China vs India

  11. Aberforth

    China vs India

    I don't think you'd be able to get your point across, especially since we Indians are a nation of easily gullible people. The majority of Indians are still quite willing to suck up to the US and gobble up media myths against China. Few, if any, are willing to read back up on history to verify...
  12. Aberforth

    China vs India

    Looks like you didn't get my point. What difference would it have made if the Northeast was a part of China rather than India? A little better perhaps, economically and politically. The situation in Tibet even now is a lot better than it is in AFSPA North-Eastern India. ..because we are a...
  13. Aberforth

    China vs India

    Two F-117s actually, not one. All in a span of a week, against a single opponent, who by no means is a military might. If you consider that a proof of the F-117s 'invincibility' then I could say the same for IAF's Su-30 MKIs and Mirage-2000s. The Mirage-2000 has been operational for 2...
  14. Aberforth

    China vs India

    Subjective. The fact that the Kargil war dragged on for so long and we lost so many of our jawans makes me ponder whether to believe this one...(much as I wish I could). Sukhoi Su-30s are Russian aircrafts. The Indian versions have Israeli equipments in them. And I wouldn't call an Su the...
  15. Aberforth

    Isnt Guwahati in India?

    I agree. It is about the only channel that still retains it professionalism. It is like fresh mango to the commercial 'mango drinks' that private news channels are.
  16. Aberforth

    Christians, Hindus, Sikhs forced to flee Swat: Catholic Church

    Not entirely. Most of the mess in South Asia is because of our own faults - our extreme religiousity, fatalistic beliefs, disdain for our own people, complacency towards our REAL duties and our general self-defeating attitude. We are like what Europeans were during the Dark Ages. How many of...
  17. Aberforth

    Isnt Guwahati in India?

    Professionalism in news reporting isn't catering to tabaloid hysteria but showing actual news. Otherwise, a Star News show wouldn't be much different from MTV Roadies.
  18. Aberforth

    Notebook vs Netbook

    I don't understand how anyone under the age of 30 would be happy without an optical CD/DVD drive (which none of the Intel Atom based books have, till date).
  19. Aberforth

    Do terrorists like Kasab deserve a fair trial?

    Perfectly said. Let him die a 100 deaths of having to go through the Indian Judicial System. Quips apart, I think Kasab should be done with. We don't want another IC-814 hijack fiasco.
  20. Aberforth

    Does satta change in PAK gonna to effect IND anyway......??

    If Taliban overthrows the Pakistani government, it could spell trouble for India. Serious trouble, unless India declared an open-and-all out war to neutralise the Taliban controlled Pakistan before these ragheads get a hang of the nuclear arsenal. However, such a thing is unlikely at the...
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