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  1. himanshubias

    BSNL wimax Business plan issue

    i am using a bsnl wimax business plan BUWI UL 3500( 1 mbps) i have a problem that if i connect more than one computer through wifi the download speed is dividing according to me is should not divide as the plan says it is multiuser...
  2. himanshubias

    suggestion about a wifi router

    Need to buy a wifi router which will be shared by 10 people It will be having a 1mbps bsnl Wimax business connection buget is near around 1.5k plz suggest some good router
  3. himanshubias

    Steelseries kinzu or razer deathadder???

    Pls help me in choosing bw these two and if deathadder the should i go for 2013(4g) one or not??
  4. himanshubias

    suggest a ultrabook around 55k

    need a ultrabook round 55k for mild gaming n bit of programming with portability n looks matters
  5. himanshubias

    Need laptop round 45k urgent

    Please suggest a laptop(urgent need) around 45k for mild gaming n a bit of programming with nearly this confg. i5 3gen 4 gb or ram a good quality gpu with 2gb memory preferred 15.6" screen thanks
  6. himanshubias

    need laptop around 50k

    please suggest a laptop aound 50 to 55k for moderate gaming n programming conf req: processor:i7 win 7 hdd 500gb ram 4 gb graphics card 2gb will it be good to wait for win 8??
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