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  1. deadnoun

    GadgetShieldz – Best Skin for Mi A2

    The ‘beast’ has come home and needed a ‘beauty’ to make it complete. Here’s how the two B’s look together. My adrenaline rush is at its highest level in the company of my new love :emoji_kissing_heart:. Having gained experience applying the skin to my earlier devices, this time it was a cakewalk...
  2. deadnoun

    How to back up MC 5 blackout.

    I have downloaded and playing modern combat. I need to transfer the game to my tab too. I don't need to download again, Because its around 1GB. I tried ShareIt but the game is only transferring not the additional downloads. Please show me some way. Thanks in advance.
  3. deadnoun

    OnePlus 3 AnTuTu Benchmark.

    OnePlus 3 is the one of the most awaited phone in the market now. The benchmark of the OP3 has been released by the AnTuTu benchmark yesterday. But the Official syrroundings of OP3 were saying that it was a rumour.
  4. deadnoun

    Review - Gadgetshieldz Galaxy S7 screen protector for curved edges

    Got my S7 on launch day (the excitement is still not dying) and the 1st thing that came to my mind is how to protect the shiny back and the curved portions from scratches. There aren't many S7 screen protectors that would protect the curved areas of the glass. Got gadgetshieldz full body...
  5. deadnoun

    modern combat 5

    Any tips to modern combat 5. I started playing few days back and feeling bit difficult on controls. Please give any type of tips which would help in future too. Thanks in advance.
  6. deadnoun

    Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 EDGE??

    I'm planning to buy Samsung S7 but bit confused with it -_- Which one is slippery in hands? I'm a Phone breaker -_- and which is Good for photos these are the two things I'm more concerned about. Please knowledge me. Thank's in advance.
  7. deadnoun

    Help needed To buy a laptop

    Before suggestion, I will tell all my requirements I need 4GB ram and 500GB internal for SAP because they suggested me this requirements. If there any other requirement please do mention and help me buying a Laptop around 20K. I thought Of installing it in External HDD but RAM matter -_-...
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