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    Wireless not Working Compaq 621

    i guys using Compaq 621 laptop, winxp sp3,,,format and installed xp and reinstall all drivers but still wireless not working........and in my laptop keyboard the wireless button light is orange when it was working it colors is green...??? what should i do....also checked in BIOS too....
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    Airtel Speed Boost Today : Getting 800 kBps/s (7Mbps)

    Hi guys today in morning time my airtel broadband speed is boost 7 Mbps @ 800 kBps/sec Download rate. and averagely download 7.71 GB in 3 to 4 Hrs.
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    Help for Buy Mobo,RAM & Graphic Card

    Hi guys I'm think to buy New Motherboard, RAM and Graphic Card (No a heavy gamer). Suggest me good product with good price too.
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    FS: Downloading Rig (Only CPU)

    Hi guys i want to sell my downloading rig. Conf follow. Pentium 3 @ 1.2 Ghz Intel MOBO 184 MB (1x128 MB, 1x64MB SD RAM) Segate 40 GB IDE HD 400 Watt PSU Normal Black Cabinet 48x CD ROM Floppy Drive What is your except price..
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