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  1. q3_abhi

    Is my pc infected?

    Install Quick Heal Demo to scan your system. It's pretty powerful
  2. q3_abhi

    Using net on PC via mob.

    Plz suggest me the cheapest or the best available net to PC via mob solution. I have a Nokia 6070 (edge enabled) . How much speeds i m gonna be getting on PC using this mob ??
  3. q3_abhi

    Pen Drive Problem!!!!!

    Check for viruses also , may cause such kind of problems.
  4. q3_abhi

    how to fix this problem inthe usb drive

    Probably , u must have used the utility bundled up with ur Pen drive that allocates private space for ur confidential files . It must be locked by a password. Check whether the drive was locked with a password.
  5. q3_abhi

    Right Click = Left Click

    Try removing and again plugging in the mouse. This happens with me as well. But when i just right click a few times , the prob is resolved. :)
  6. q3_abhi

    dvd writer open close automatic

    Lol.....happens....mebbe some problem in gears...Have it repaired from the service center.
  7. q3_abhi

    BSNL Dataone usage issues.....

    Use a real time Bandwidth meter , this is the best way to monitor your bandwidth . Also use Dataone Bandwidth Calculator as suggest by sumeet. It really helps. You can have control over your usage by reading those stats in Bandwidth Calculator.
  8. q3_abhi

    HHD & CD locking software?

    The best way would be to encrypt your data. Try StorageCrypt2 Download it here :
  9. q3_abhi

    Building website without coding

    You can also try the Coffee Cup HTML editor....
  10. q3_abhi

    Quick Heal is bull$hit

    Ahh.....such an absurd discussion going on here......I have been using Quickheal for past 3 years. It has worked great for me at times , ya but i do agree , it fails in certain parts , and just saying that it is useless and blah blah doesnt make sense. It will take time to improve and it is...
  11. q3_abhi

    File cannot transfer or copy

    Disk Check + Defragment ur drive..
  12. q3_abhi

    Bsnl Help

    Which type of mode do u have ? The bridge mode or the PPPoE or Static IP ?
  13. q3_abhi

    ICSE 12th Computer Science Project

    What kinda project do u have ?? And in which state board ?????
  14. q3_abhi

    Computer hangs after booting

    Some start-up programs may cause such behaviour...try disabling some heavy startup programs from msconfig...
  15. q3_abhi

    Your fav heavy metal band??

    i love Rammstein...
  16. q3_abhi

    Better Sound Quality : In Walkman or iPods

    Watever that may be , a dedicated performer always outperforms an all-in-one performer.
  17. q3_abhi

    headphone or earphone

    Earphones from reputed brands are recommended. Hunt for Sony earphones. The starting range of Sony Earphones should fit ur budget.
  18. q3_abhi

    DVD Cover for Hindi Movies!

    Always prefer those CD stickers . So u have to just remove them n paste on the CD like need of gum,glue,feviquick etc...
  19. q3_abhi

    Do u believe in Gods sipping milk??

    That's it....this is the answer. Infact, this is a waste of time discussing such useless topics...
  20. q3_abhi

    Wanna buy a mp3 player

    The only problem with Tsonic is that it's not bundled up with a charger....u need PC everytime to charge. BTW, its the best player considering the cost to performance ratio.
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