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  1. kl_ravi

    How does Admin Control Panel look like?

    Does it look like Airbus A380 Cockpit ?? I always wondered what options & settings are available at Admin/Moderator's disposal... Few screenshots would be appreciated...
  2. kl_ravi

    Is this photo real or photoshopped ???

    Hi friends, I got this photo as an E-Mail Forward ... Now is this genuine or fake ?? Does Anaconda have this much power ?? Amazing!! View High Resolution Photo here
  3. kl_ravi

    Play This Game: How far can you launch your cat ?

    Ok ... After getting good response to Monkey Kick-off, here's one more similar game....Kitten Cannon. PS:- This game is not for cat lovers My score is 867 feet
  4. kl_ravi

    Why the Minidisc is costlier !!!

    Friends, I wanted to know why a Blank minidisc is costlier than a regular CD. I guess the raw material required for minidisc is lesser than that for a regular CD ... but why this difference .. Any ideas ?
  5. kl_ravi

    Play this game: How far can you kick the ball

    Pl excuse me if this is the wrong section. I have searched the forum & it was not posted before. My personal best is 4319 Mts ... Try your best & post the link ...
  6. kl_ravi

    Okhil Babu's Letter to Indian Railways

    Okhil Babu’s letter to the Railway Department (early 1900’s ) ============================================= Okhil Chandra Sen wrote this letter to the Sahibganj divisional railway office in 1909. It is on display at the Railway Museum in New Delhi. It was also reproduced under the caption...
  7. kl_ravi

    TERRORISM: Indian cops are doing a good job !!!

    Yes...Atleast they are not wearing bangles!!! I agree that there are Corrupt, inefficient, brutal, greedy, power-hungry people in indian police dept. But there are also efficient, intelligent, sincere & honest among them. Let us compare our men in khaki with those in US & UK. They have the...
  8. kl_ravi

    Music Tasks > Play all; Irritation !!!!

    Hi, Whenever I open a folder that contains music and click Play all, a Move Items dialog box pops up. If i cancel it, a copy items dialog box pops up. If i cancel even that, all the items get added to windows media player playlist and it starts playing. Now how do i avoid the dialog boxes...
  9. kl_ravi

    How do games churn out nonstop music ?

    In games like Bejewelled Deluxe 2 and inspheration ( ), we get to listen to some good non-stop music. I wonder from where this music is coming. I have searched for audio files inside the folders in "Program files" using game audio player. But I could not locate any audio...
  10. kl_ravi

    Problem with Folder Templates in Windows XP

    Hi. When ever I copy images into a folder, Windows XP automatically customises it with Pictures Template in the common tasks bar. I have to manually customise it by clicking view > Customise this folder The view> "customise this folder" option is available only for folders within Drives...
  11. kl_ravi

    Problems with Animations in IE 6.0 SP1

    Hi Friends, I have a problem with animations in Internet explorer 6.0 SP1. I use Windows ME. Everytime, i visit a page with Animated gifs, I encounter one or more of the folowing problems... 1) the animations dont play smoothly 2) Animations get pixelated 3) Entire page appears to be...
  12. kl_ravi

    [SIDE SCROLLING GAMES] Bud Redhead - The time chase

    Hi Friends, Has anyone played this game Take a journey with Bud through space and time in pursuit of Feyatta, a well known green-furred intergalactic abductor. Your quest will lead you to 4 different places in space-time continuum: from the forest more than 8000 years ago, over Ancient...
  13. kl_ravi

    How extract E-mail ID's from outlook express

    My Company's OE address book is corrupted and I need to rebuild the same. i cannot go through each and every mail to extract the E-mail ID's . Is there any software that will help me to extract all ID's and sort out the same. Thanks in advance.
  14. kl_ravi

    Spybot Error - Swatkat Help !!!

    Hi, I get this error while running a spybot check .... Error during check!: Xuron55.Installdollars (Datei C:\WINDOWS\win.ini kann nicht geöffnet werden. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process) () This is my Hijackthis log file for your...
  15. kl_ravi

    How to print multiple work sheets in 1 page

    Dear friends, How do you print multiple worksheets on one page. I use Office 2000 and My printer is HP PSC 2210. The print dialog box looks like this.... I am waiting for your replies....
  16. kl_ravi

    Has Corel Corp acquired Jasc Paintshop Pro ???

    Friends, When I visited , it is getting redirected to Corel Home page, does this mean Corel has acquired Paintshop Pro package ?? Can somebody throw more light on this ???
  17. kl_ravi

    How to prevent users from playing games ??

    Hi Everybody, How do I prevent users from playing games in our Office PC. I don't want to ask them not to play games or uninstall the game. But I want the PC to throw up an error message every time they try to run a game. My colleagues are not good at handling error messages. They will...
  18. kl_ravi

    Help !! My PC is infected with Win32/Beavis 4350

    Hi Friends, My PC is infected with Win32/Beavis 4350 worm. I have scanned my Pc with AVG Antivirus and other spy softwares with Spysweper, Spybot S&D, Adaware etc,. But it is still infected with the Win32/Beavis 4350 worm.. It says Explorer is infected with Win32/Beavis 4350. But I am...
  19. kl_ravi

    Website archiving software

    Hi Friends, Can you suggest me few Website archiving software, which archive entire websites. :) Note: - I use Webzip. But want to find some other software which does the job well. Pls Suggest only those softwares which you have tried
  20. kl_ravi

    How to join sliced images ???

    Hi friends, As you all know some websites slice bigger images to smaller parts to allow faster downloads. I want a software that can join the sliced images smoothly without creating any alighment problems. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
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