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  1. Sanchit


    What is the default username & password of the SQL PLUS of Oracle 9i Lite edition. I found nothing in the included documentation. Plz help quickly.
  2. Sanchit

    Recommend me a upload site

    Plz quickly recommend me a free upload site which gives URLs for all the stuff uploaded.
  3. Sanchit

    Nokia 3230 or 6681

    Which one's better- Nokia 3230 or 6681. I need a phone that runs on Symbian 60 OS has great MP3 playback support & mind u, itz cost should be around 8k.
  4. Sanchit

    From where do you buy games?

    I buy original games that I like. I never buy pirated ones or download them. Do you deal on Ebay for games? I don't think those games are original.
  5. Sanchit

    Is O2 XM good?

    I am getting a second-hand O2 XM for Rs.5500. Please tell me if it is a good model and if it has some problems that I should consider before buying.
  6. Sanchit

    Recommend me 2 cellphones

    I want to purchase two cellphones, either of Sony Ericcson or Nokia. My budjet for them is 4k for the first & 6k for the second. Please recommend me some cellphones having GPRS & MP3 tone capability.
  7. Sanchit

    Can PHPBB be used with Google pages?

    Can PHPBB or any other CMS be used with Google Pages? If yes, then how?
  8. Sanchit

    HELP:How to retrieve password of password protected WORD Documents

    Please tell me how I can retrieve the password of a password protected WORD Document.Plzzzzzzzzzz reply soon
  9. Sanchit

    HELP Converting MP3s to RM

    I want to convert MP3s to RM so as to reduce their size and I want to use them as ringtones on 6600. Please help me.
  10. Sanchit

    Help with phpBB

    Please tell me what is an SMTP Server. I want to send mass email through administration panel.
  11. Sanchit

    Help with GTA San Andreas

    I haven't been able to complete Cesar V. mission, Robbing Uncle Sam & OG Loc. If you have completed the above missions ( preferably without cheats), please send me a copy of ur save game and the main.scm file from the <game folder>/data/script folder. I will be really thankful.
  12. Sanchit

    Do you use Piratebay?

    Broadband peneteration has icreased in India. Do you use Piratebay to download stuff? . I don't even have a broadband connection.
  13. Sanchit

    IMPORTANT : What is the Knoppix's default root password

    Please tell me the Knoppix's default root password. I am using Knoppix 3.2 provided with DIGIT SEPTEMBER 2004 DVD. I am unable to install softwares without it.
  14. Sanchit

    Are win32parite and win32pate.b viruses?

    I firstinstalled Norton Antivirus,then uninstalled it to installMcafee Antivirus Pro. and then uninstalled it to install Avast frre edition on Windows XP SP2 and AVG 6.0 on Windows 98.They told that win32parite and win32pate.b are viruses but when they remove the viruses,Windows takes more than...
  15. Sanchit


    Longhorn, The new version of Windows will be launched in 2006.You can share ur views about it here and tell what it should have to be called 'better'.
  16. Sanchit

    Get a Gmail account

    Ask how to get a account :)
  17. Sanchit


    Bluetooth,GPRS and Infrared in PDAs- Tell me if itz tru!
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