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    7660G vs 7660G+7670M CF

    hi guys i have a HP G6 2313AX which has a A10 4600M 6GB 1600Mhz RAM n 7670M 2GB DDR3 GPU now my question is i have being gaming on this lappy for a few months now but i cant understand one thing whenever i enable CF i get a FPS drop instead of a boost i dont get it i should get atleast a 30 to...
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    [Want to Buy] GTS 450 1GB GDDR5 and a suitable PSU for SLi

    the title says it all i got a GTS 450 and a CX430 i want to add another GTS450 SLi so will need something like a 550watts psu :lol:
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    CPU/motherboard upgrade plans

    hi guys i got 10k at max for CPU+motherboard i really pissed off bcoz i cant find anything decent in that range. a i3 3220+Asus P8H61-M LX3 or any H61 mobo is great but cant be overclock and i really cant run my pc without overclocking it so looking into AMD, the fx series are complete fail...
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    Upgrade time :o

    hi guys i think of upgrade my CPU and motherboard budget is roughly around 9k at max 10k i want to overclock the CPU and i will be Folding with the CPU too what do you guys suggest me stick with my current cpu and upgrade the motherboard or upgrade both ?? my rig Athlon II X4 640 @3.6Ghz...
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    best under 5k

    mainly i have two phones in my sight karbonn A5 and Micromax A52 According to reviews i read the A52 scored a amazing 1708 and A5 scored 1309 which is quite shocking thats were even i was confused did A52 scores better bcoz it has a lower res and a better GPU ??? the A5 has 512 mb ram so what...
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    strict budget :|

    hi guys i m on a strict budget here of 6k not a re more :( i have Micromax Ninja 3 or Mircormax ninja 4 in mind. guys pls help me select one of these and if you have better options pls it would be a great contribution :) here are a few things about these phones Micromax Ninja 3 Micromax...
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    which is better ??

    hi guys one of my friends is planning to buy a tablet and he came upto me and asked me this question which is a better tablet amongst Micromax Funbook and Zync Z-990 plus in the first instance i after reading the spec of both the zync look much better with a 1.5Ghz cpu and a 1GB RAM and with a...
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    Cheapest DSLR ?

    as the Title says i want to know which is the cheapest DSLR presently in the market i aim for a 10k but is my 15k max budget i would buy its in the coming month somewhere in the ending on July i have really no idea about cameras i have heard that Dslr starts from 20k or so is it true ?? and what...
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    Keyboard mouse combo confusion help

    hi guy wanted a pair of keyboard and mouse i currently have a crappy INTEX keyboard and a logitech mouse i guess the Logitech neo mouse i play CS online and COD4 and even at full mouse sensitive i cant move fast can you guys suggest me a gaming combo. i would prefer the cheapest but quality one...
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    Price inputs

    i wanted to know some current prices of the components in the market if possible mumbai in particular 1. A6 3670K 2. A8 3870K 3. ASRock A55 PRO3 4. cheapest 1800Mhz/1866Mhz Ram i was just have that config in mind i want to buy it but no idea what price it is costing :lol:
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    Sony VGN-CR353 windows 7 64 bit problem

    hi guys i just got a old Song Vaio CR353 and it had 4GB RAM in it i guess my friend how gifted my had upgraded or added another 2GB RAM in it now coming to the main problem i have heard alot about people facing problem with win 7 and CR 353 and especially win 7 x64 which i have installed in my...
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    best mobile under 7k ?

    as the title claims the best cellphone under 7k max i want a android a good 3.2 mP Camera(if possible), 3G, QWERTY(optional) i have Samsung Galaxy Y in mind but its screen is small only 3.o" 2nd a Sony Ericsson CK15i touch and slide keyboard but m not getting any solid reviews on it...
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    Buy Graphic card from shipping costs

    hi guys i see these crazy prices of some graphic card on but can someone tell me whats the shipping charges ofDiamond 6770 its for Rs.4933 which is absolutely and steal what would be he shipping cost ??? any idea ???
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    Raidmax Hybrid 530W

    Raidmax Hybrid 530W should i go with it ??? is it worth Rs.1,948????
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    the fastest PCIe bus powered Card

    hiii guys this may not be the latest news in the market but the fastest PCIe bus powered card is the 6670 GDDR5 naaaa its the AFOX 6850 LP ya i know u have never heard of that company before so did i More over the card is based on a fully working version of the HD 6850 core and it sticks to...
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    can you believe this 100 Core CPU x_x

    can u believe this a 100 Core processor :drool: :drool: MIT's 100-core CPU Will Be Ready This Year contd..... what will be it TDP man 8 Cores 125~130watt TDP 100cores 1562watts :eek: :eek: man whatever it is would surely fold like a monster :p :mallet::mallet: ;) :D
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    tight 15k budget :(

    hi guys my friend is on a tight budget of 15k and he needs a CPU+Motherboard+PSU+cabinet in it as for HDD 500GB min what would u guys suggest ? and if possible can u guys suggest a decent built for 15k i.e with all the above and a GPU and both of us are going to overclock the components :wink...
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    6770 voltage tweak??

    i know 6770 performs better then GTS450 but GTS450 has a voltage question is which is the cheapest 6770 with a voltage tweak ???? pls m going to the market tomorrow and will a FSP SAGA II 500 good or a Seasonic S12II 430wn i think of going with seasonic + a 6770 with voltage tweak my...
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    CPU+Motherboard+HDD+RAM combo in 11k(max)

    wanted a CPU+Motherboard+HDD+RAM combo in 11k guys and i m going to overclock it i m aiming at a 955BE and a 78LMT-S2P and a 500 GB hdd i will need minimum of 500Gigs of HDD. and if u guys can pls suggest me good shop at lamington Rd
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    Overclock a X6 1055 ??

    hi guy i m planning to buy a X6 1055 and overclock it on my 78LMT-S2P. My question is, What clocks will it reach when i overclock it??? i wanted to reach a mark of 4 Ghz, will i be able to reach it ??? what sort of motherboard will i need(the cheaper the better :mrgreen:) i have a tight budget...
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