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  1. Apple Juice

    What's your favorite OS?

    Apple Mac OS X Lion. :cool: Bt i liek FreeBSD too, me apple has code frm thm. And I lek linux too.
  2. Apple Juice

    HijackThis goes open source

    s0me clueless posts really :lol:
  3. Apple Juice

    hi guys

    how are u? :mrgreen:
  4. Apple Juice

    Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion"

    The world’s most advanced desktop operating system advances even further. Coming in July to the Mac App Store for just $29.99 Apple - OS X Lion - The world’s most advanced desktop operating system.
  5. Apple Juice

    The Chrome OS Discussion Thread

    chrome OS = page loader OS. Joli OS is much much better. not an opinion, but a fact.
  6. Apple Juice

    NVIDIA drivers and OpenGL issues

    GeForce 400 Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia user facing problem with autodesk maya: Maya 2011 openGL viewport issues - NVIDIA Forums these problems still exist in 500 series and still not fixed.
  7. Apple Juice

    AMD : 6850 crashes again

    format ur machine cleanly & install 11.4 driver. only solution.
  8. Apple Juice

    Hate TechTree reviews

    i think he was a member of this forum??
  9. Apple Juice

    Girls only

    i just love apple products and ipad is ONLY 8.8MM THICK..kanu believe it????
  10. Apple Juice

    the FOOTBALL channel

    i supp0rts barca n inter.
  11. Apple Juice

    Gearless Scooter or Bike..???? Suggest me plzzzzz..

    i drive bajaj chetak. but i suggests get activa or pleasure or get Bajaj XCD for a bike.
  12. Apple Juice

    What did you buy today ?

    1 kg apple. apple a d@y keeps the doctor away =|
  13. Apple Juice

    Turbo C/C++ and other junk compilers help, discussions and queries here

    Re: Turbo C in Windows 7 turbo c does not work in win 7 'coz no ntvm in win 7. :mad: install dosbox and in it install turbo c
  14. Apple Juice

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    u nuuub :mad: u thinks beingg @ chalsee phan and calling funny movies b0ring makes u makes u a plastic :mad: dabangg is 9/10 m0vie :|
  15. Apple Juice

    Happy Birthday to Aspire and others!

    @ppy buday @$p1rE :mad:
  16. Apple Juice

    Which emoticon represents your current mood!!

    :mad: :mad: :mad: tis is my m00d bec0z i d0nts liek tis thrad :mad:
  17. Apple Juice

    The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Channel

    Re: The Official 2010 Fifa WorldCup Channel Brazil brazil brazil!!!!!1111
  18. Apple Juice

    MAC & Widows: What if ? A hypothetical question

    mac obviously. ;)
  19. Apple Juice

    Fastest Browser..(based on personal experience)

    im safari user but new opera 10.52 rc5 snapshot for mac is very very is faster than my beloved safari!!!!!! opera used to suck on mac but now it is more native and looks cool.
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