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  1. zyberboy

    [Want to Buy] Graphics card between 2~3k

    Looking for gfx card similar to 8800gt in good condition around 2.5k. Pm me or post here, will be checking this thread constantly.
  2. zyberboy

    No temp sensor for WD Hard disks??

    Even my 6 yr old punny 5200rpm segate shows temps wen using everest....but i cant find the temp of my 1 yr old WD320GB. So guys using WD HDD pls reply.....
  3. zyberboy

    Cooler Master Hyper TX2 or OCZ Vanquisher CPU Cooler?

    I hav a Amd 5200 procy on Asus M2N-E mb, wen playing games it hits 58~60 c in hot days,also planning for moderate overclocking so need a cooler. So which one choose among these ??
  4. zyberboy

    ~Suggest a 19 inch LCD Monitor~

    Which one is best at this time? which wud go well with 8600gt? Budget: under 11k Mainly for Browsing,gaming,movies. Read some reviews here itself but got confused:)
  5. zyberboy

    Maximum Lan cable length question

    I need to connect my pc to a friends pc which is 75meters away,i have already bought the lan cable but its not working cheked with multimeter no problem with the lines or Rj-45 connecter,but network signal is not reaching the other end. Hav anyone seen any lan network(using switch) which worked...
  6. zyberboy

    Question about zebronics smps

    I bought a new zebronics 500w platinum series smps,it has one pin missing,wen i asked abt this the dealer said its normal for this series. Is it true ? , hav anyone bought zeb smps recently, and also what the purpode of leaving one pin? here is the pic , third one frm top
  7. zyberboy

    How to create LAN network with Neighbours?

    I need to create a local LAN network with my friends who are close to my houses (upto 200meters max). Using Lan cable is not possible here. We all have same cable TV network and all have bsnl land phone . so is there any way to create a local lan netwok using cable TV or Bsnl's phone lines by...
  8. zyberboy

    Can anyone please identify this track fo me??

    Its a background audio of an flv video Track
  9. zyberboy

    The computer virus turns 25 this year

    The computer virus turns 25 years old this year. It's been a rocky quarter-century, but according to Richard Ford and Eugene Spafford, two computer scientists writing in this week's issue of the journal Science, viruses can look forward to a long, fruitful life. The researchers say that in...
  10. zyberboy

    Amazing trick from the movie Sivaji-The Boss.

    Source :- Forwarded Email RAJINI - BLACK to WHITE - SECRET It's a rap number-with its theme as Style and who else to fit the role than the superstar himself. But a closer look would show the altogether different kind of transformation that the ageing actor has made in the super-hit film...
  11. zyberboy

    How to add animated gif files in orkut Album?

    Can anyone find a method to add animated gif files in orkut photo album,if u know any tricks please post it here.
  12. zyberboy

    Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? (Damn Funny)

    A simple question Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? KINDERGARTEN TEACHER: To get to the other side. Julius Caesar: It came, it saw, it crossed. Aristotle: To actualize its potential. Mohammed Aldouri (Iraqi ambassador): The chicken did not cross the road. This is a complete...
  13. zyberboy

    Making Google Black and more.....

    This tutorial is for those who dont like white and other high contrast light colors as backgrounds on webpages. White color causes eye stain and also monitor consumes more power when displaying light colors.Even if you does't feel anything your eyes and brain are working more. This is done...
  14. zyberboy

    Earth's Pole Shift may occur in 2012.

    Pole shift has happened in the past,which may give clue to the mysterious wipe out of Dinosaurs more abt pole shift According to NASA Polar Shift Due In 2012. Why 2012...
  15. zyberboy

    picture downloader

    Hi friends ,which soft is best for downloading pictures automatically from internet. Even though there are many, i need one which have best filter options such as 1. limiting(to stop downloading) according to number of pics or total volume downloaded per session(wud be great) 2...
  16. zyberboy

    LCD Monitor is bad for eyes!!

    Brought Samsung SyncMaster 740n thinking that now my eyes can rest a bit ,but to me it is very disappointing . Feeling pain deep inside my eyes i dont know why, first i thought this is not possible i am using lcd.Then i searched the net and got a link...
  17. zyberboy

    Can anyone suggest a Firefox addon or greasemonkey script to change background??

    I prefer grey or black background for webpages,white and high contrast light colors r hurting my eyes even though i am using Lcd monitor , i need a addon or script which will change the color of the webpage i am visiting with a shortcut key(when i press color changes) after loading the page or...
  18. zyberboy

    From where i can download am3d sound file??Anyone

    am3d is binaural sound system developed by can any one google it
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