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    Printer under 7000 INR With easy Refillable Cartidges

    I m looking for a decent printer under 7000 INR with following considerations: 1. Good Print Quality 2. Scanner should be good enough for daily routine work. 3. Printer should support the paper of varying thickness like if required on a chart paper. 4. Refills should not cost much . If such...
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    Huawei Aircel 3G Dongle autodisconnecting

    Hello Digitians, I own a Aircel 3g dongle (Huawei software that manages the connections done thru it ) , the dongle is working fine , but the problem is that after a certain period of time sa 5 minutes or 10 minutes , the connection drops and i have again to open the soft and reconnect it...
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    Tired of unable to understand this file sharing thing

    Hey friends, i simply sick of messing around with homegroups and file sharing procedures. I m having one laptop on Win8 64 bit and other laptop on Win 7 Home Premium. I want to share a folder specifically with my other laptop. Please some one help me whats the difference in homegroup and how...
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    Ipod / Laptop Sync

    Hey friends is there a way we could airsync ( over wifi ) movie running on our laptop to ipod? ie if one wishes to watch the movie on his ipod running on the laptop ? :wink: is there any app for this ? :-? Also is there any screen viewer/remote app available which could not only show us...
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    Best Music Online Library_ Bollywood

    Which is the best site to listen to music but with correct filename tags attached ? I mean no Site's name in the end of it. So that one can easily sort music in a good way. I m not looking for software to edit tags . . just the site which doesnt promote itself in the tags .
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    Fifa 13 Squad Update Offline

    Hello friends , i have fifa 13 (Genuine ) and i have a updated roaster file on my pc , is there a way i can use this file and update squads on my brothers pc , he is in a remote area with little internet access ,so if he could just use this file directly ?? Is there a way ??
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    Factory Setup if Recovery Image is LOST

    I have a dell inspiron 17r se 7720 . When i purchased this lappy the boot logo of dell (bios) didnt use to come , and just a dell logo with windows loading circle came . Due to some reasons my hdd crashed and dell guy came up and replaced my hdd and reinstalled the OS but ever since then , i get...
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    Alternative to HOMEGROUPS ? or Am i getting it wrong ?

    Hey friends , please provide me with correct software or any tweaks if they might help my cause. Here is a situation. I m having 2 Laptops at home. Both of them connected to same network (A router), so i used Homegroups to share files over my laptops. They worked fine ! Now a query. When on...
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    Lock utorrent

    Hello friends, here is a wierd problem i have come across at my college. We use utorrent to download files .. but somehow people come and delete the files alltoether. Is there a way of torrent client with LOCK feature in it. Any suggestions are welcome ! thx
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    Connecting Laptops over Lan and Sharing Internet Connection

    Hello , The problem isn't big enough but still is getting on my nerves :-x:-x for I m unable to actually figure out what to do. Anyways so finally couldn't make it work , and here is the last resort .. so plz help me out . I have 2 laptops ( one running on win7 and other on win8 ). Both...
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    Restricting IN USER permissions/Password Protecting Commands

    Hello Digitians, I am using a Laptop at my home, that is like used by cousins as well more or less it becomes a " Public " entity even if its at home. So the thing is I use uTorrent to download my stuff.. and Incidently my cousins come and stop the torrent/Delete my files etc. I DONOT want...
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    Ipod Dilemma !

    Hey frends Cud u let me know if buying Ipod 8gb 4th Gen a worth buy for money..and wat are the camera's Pic quality of the same ? I Really want to go for this gadget but greatly Discouraged by my pals as to they think its a waste of money ... Ur opinions plz on the same !! THX ! ")
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    Need a Software : Help Digitians !!

    Hello friends, Plz help me out of this problem.. I need a software to solve my this problem as follows. I am having 3 Programs with there exe files and installation files. Now i want To create a DVD ,which Gives me an AUTORUN feature , to run these Programs singly and install them one by one...
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    PC hangs at motherboard logo XFX

    Hey Frens...... plz help me outta this problem....problem is as below.. Weneva i power my pc on ... it hangs at the mobo logo pre bootup into the OS.... I can do nothing bt restart my pc..many times it doesnt help bt that elps is that i have to reset CMOS ... bt the problem comes...
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    Need a New Cell Phone under 25k

    Hey frendz, I need a new cell phone under 25k. I need a g8 gud Camera in it....(Much better than N95) and Music shud also be better than N95.:razz: TouchScreen (another dilemma i am in,bcz i have heard tat Touch screen cell phones arent that sturdy n cam sucks in their Price range)....if its a...
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    GTA 4 Problem :(

    Hello everyone... I am Facing a problem with gta 4 loading.... Whenever it LOGO of GTA comes in the starting (after 2 Logos of Rockstar) the Game crashes...and GIves me a error report. I know many of u can decode the Report ... plz help me understand the problem! Thankx a lot! I ran this game...
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    TV tuner needed...PLZ suggest

    Hello friends, I want to buy a new TV tuner card to record LIVE tv. My budget is 5k. I can check out any issue of digit also for this. but problem is i dont know in which issue i cud find one. My laptop is very OLD. So i wud Prefer going vid a USB TV Tuner. PLZ NOTE THAT RECORDING SHUD...
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    Merging TWO dvds along vid menus

    hey guys i am facing a challenge by my mama g....He asked me to merge two dvds ...Video Dvds along with their Menus intact as they r in the original one.. He said NO SUCH SOFTWARE is available at net..:cry: I want to crack it with ur help. Finding such software wud be a g8 help..:-P i have 2...
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    Movies Management Software

    Plz suggest a gud MOvies management Software.I have loads of movies n want to orderly arrange them..thx
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    Movies Management Software

    Hey pals plz suggest a gud movies software whch manages the movies i hav in an orderly n arranged iTunes manages music.... THx for help:-):lol:
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