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    Need UPS with 1-2 hour's backup

    First of all sorry if I put this Query on wrong section I am looking for ups with 2-3 hours backup for my pc which config. Is mention below, Motherboard: - asus LGA1150 socket Processor: - i5 3.6 GHz Ram: - 8GB DDR3 HDD: - 1TB WD green Monitor: - 21’ LCD Don’t have any card’s install I...
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    NEED 2TB NAS in 15k.....

    Hey, guy’s I am looking to purchase one 2TB NAS for my 5 user’s office. My main purpose is to get daily backup on it (All 5 pc’s D drive). My budget is 15k I select some brand plz let me know which one is best, WD my cloud Seagate business storage One of my favorite Synology (but it to...
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    Need a configure of pc in 50k for DTP purpose

    One of my friend wants to build one pc for his graphic relatedwork (he is architecture and create drawings) on Photoshop, coral draw, he wanted to build one pc for the same plz let me know the bestconfiguration for the same. Plz add 5k more if really need to extend the budget. Note: -...
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    Need help to configure Cyberoam cr15i firewall.

    Hi guys till date I never configure any firewall (hardware base) & now iwanted to configure one Cyberoam cr15i firewall on one of my client office. So if any one could help me regarding the same by providingvideo or any configure step by step documents then it really help me. Thanks in advance.
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    How to create 2 active partitions on Pen-Drive

    Hi Guys, I wanted to create 2 NTFS partition in my 32 GB Kingston pen-drive (one 500mb and remaining) I try so much ting but it doesn't work for me I also refer Krazzy Warrior tutorial on the same but...
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    Asus RT-N14U download master for pc

    I have Asus RT-N14U Router which i purchase for only one purpose that is downloading Torrent and files without keep on pc over the night. But i have one Question here How should I start and stop downloads from PC (without login asus page) means i need a software which directly show me downloaded...
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    Gaming Console

    Hi guys I am looking to buy a gaming console but I have someQuestions here plz help me find out the Answers for the same 1) 1) XBOX or Playstaion3 or should I wait forPlaystation4? 2) 2) If Playstation4 then can it play Playstation3games? (Because I read somewhere Playstation4 cant able...
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    Looking to purchase a AC in 30k

    Hi Guys looking to purchase a AC for my Bedroom. Most probably1 to 1.5 Ton so need suggestion. I am looking in one from this brand Daikin, Hitachi, Carrier & Panasonic(There new eco navy Technology). Other suggestion also help me to chose one.It should have 5 star rating. Waiting for replies.
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    Lava xolo a1000 or micromax canvas hd

    Hey guys which one is better in lava xolo a1000 or micromax canvas hd plz reply.i wanted to purchase on in near days. Both are in same range so plz help.
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    about the Quikr site.........

    Hey guy's can online purchase site Quikr is safe to purchase product. plz reply.....
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    need wireless router with usb port

    Hey guy’s I wanted to buy one wireless router I find one Edimax BR-6315SRg but didn't get the price can any one plz tell me the price for the same. My requirement is a router with USB port which support HDD & Printer. Budget nearly 4-5k.
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    Virtual pc installation problem.

    Hey guy's I try to install windows 8 consumer preview on a virtual PC I use VMvare for it the setup start normally & its actually 10% complete but the power failures crash the installation now I am facing one problem here, I retry to install windows 8 on virtual PC but it gave me the error "your...
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    Can unlock windows phone 7.5 get update?????

    Hey Guy’s I wanted to know if I unlock my Samsung focus (mango updated), can I get update from Microsoft which came later (most probably windows 8 update). Thanks.
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    Logitech Z623 or Altec Lansing Octane 7???????

    Hey guy’s I wanted to buy 2.1 speakers for my computer so plz help me to choose between this two. Thanks in advance.
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    plz help regarding Samsung Captivate Glide

    I looking to by Samsung Captivate Glide so i need suggestion regarding this should i go for it or not, because in hardware wise it's same to Samsung Galaxy S II (just 0.2GHz low processor and not full hd video recording). Samsung i927 Captivate Glide vs. Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II -
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    Regarding KVM Switch

    I don’t know whether it is a right place for my query or not, if not then sorry. Hi guy’s I am looking for 2 port KVM Switch but my main requirement is it should support wireless keyboard, Mouse (combo or with one dongle) & it should be audio enabled. So plz suggest me some models. I...
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    About Samsung Focus Update.

    Hey guy's i purchase Samsung Focus unlock version from's a cool Phone:-o but can any budy know how can i update it to Mango (7.5),becouse i got the massage on my phone an update is available, but when i connect it to computer to update from Zune it given me below error...
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    LG optimus 2x update 2.3 coming late September

    Hey guys today i mail lg regarding update of lg optimus 2x & I get the reply it’s coming last week of September.:doublethumb::doublethumb::doublethumb::doublethumb:
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    Svchost.exe error

    Hey guy’s I got SVCHOST.EXE ERROR in my pc i have windows xp sp3. When I start my machine I got 2 error on my screen which screen shot I attach below if I terminate or cancel the error it will stop my network connection service. Plz help me I scan my machine with Symantec endpoint...
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    Need a notebook purchase help?

    Hi guys my friend looking to purchase a notebook in 25k to 30k ranges so plz suggest some models (mostly preferred HP & DELL). Also should I tell he purchase it from US or locally, because I search on net I see he should get good config. in same range of buck from US. Plz help me
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