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    Headphones for Samsung Mobile

    Hello Digitians, I'm looking for a Canal Headphone for Bassy music on my Galaxy S2. Should have MIC for Voice calling.Any other control features are welcome.Priority is sound and MIC. Please suggest.Budget upto 600-1000Rs. Prefer COWON,Philips,Panasonic. Thank you Guyz
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    Logitech G110, 2700RS

    Hey folks when i was looking for something I came across Logitech G110 priced at 2700 on offer. Should i buy it ? my other options are Logitech 105, Microsoft X4. M looking for gaming keyboard. I play Fifa and FPS Games so need to press multiple keys. Any Issue with Ghosting? ? Commom guys...
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    Dell IPS vs LED

    There is been a lot of confusion regarding the DELL ST2220L and DEL S2240L ? Which is better . How much is the cost difference between IPS and TN LED. Which 1 should I buy ?
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    Mobo for i5 3570K

    Hey guys Almost planned to buy a rig with i5 3570K. Planning to overclock after a year. Can some1 suggest me a Good mobo ? Using Sapphire HD 7950 3GB Vapor X or HD 7870 GPU. Also need a Cabinet Say the CM HAF 912 ? can u list the difference the different Mobos which U r suggesting !!
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    Gaming Headphone Keyboard and Mouse !

    I have shortlisted the following Mouse: Roccat Kova Roccat Pyra Logitech G400 Keyboard : Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Logitech G105 Can Someone suggest me what to buy, Dont want to strech budget too much. 2000Rs For Keyboard and 2000Rs For Mouse . Dont need the best,Just Something...
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    Urgently require Washing Machine

    Need to buy Front Loading Washing Machine. Budget 24-27k. Need Reliable brand with Good after sale service. Need memory backup feature to continue even in case of power failure. Buying within a day Locally.
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    [Want to Buy] Urgently Need to Buy Washing Machine

    Need to buy Front Loading Washing Machine. Budget 24-27k. Need Reliable brand with Good after sale service. Need memory backup feature to continue even in case of power failure. Buying within a day Locally.
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    GAMES for Kids

    Hello guys,need big help..My 6yr old couysin has asked me to teach him games.. Suggest some games like Vcop2,RoadRash,Midtown madness
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    Core 2 Duo Urgent Update

    My pc config. Core 2 duo E4500 2.20 3GB RAM Board Intel D945gcr. I want to add a entry level Nvidia graphic Card.Just let me know which card.Urgently
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    Need Laptop for Moderate Gaming

    Hello guys, Need a Future Proof Laptop for gaming such as FIFA13,COD F1 and NFS games..I also want to play upcoming releases of the games without updating to newer laptop in next 3 years. I also use laptop for Light Office Work and Internet and Movies. 15inch would be Ideal.
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    Laptop or Desktop for Gaming. ( Please atleast read this thread )

    All these years I craved to assemble a Dream Desktop Gaming Rig...But times have changed..I'm 21 now..I got Job In Middle East. Most probably I'll Staying sharing bed space there with Collegaues. This brings a problem. I dont know I will have enf space to assemble my Desktop in the room I Stay...
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    OFFICE PC within 24HRS

    hello there guys.Need your quick and swift reply. My new office is opening on sept 30. I want to setup a PC for office use only like "Scanning, Printing, Internet Access,and MS-Office" I want a Config that is low on maintainence. Budget is 20k.lesser the better as my needs are limited...
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    Acess blocked websites

    Hey folks, In need of some quick help. I just landed in UAE, i'm not able to use websites such as, I tried using Hidemyip and similar proxies but all these are also blocked. How can i use my beloved torrent site. Truly MERA BHARAT MAHAN... awaiting some quick responses
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    Root Sucessful but how to install CM9 ?

    Hello there I succesfully Rooted my phone.. I want to install CM9 as my first custom ROM,I'm looking for good battery life. Any other suggestions are most welcome. I need links or videos on how to install CM9 Custom ROM. Does Installing Custom ROMs Brick phones? I mean when Installing...
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    Urgent urgent urgent

    Can i turn off my phone after entering download mode. Samsung galaxy S2. i havent moved further than entering download mode
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    Rooting,Custom Roms and Bricking !!

    hello guys,Last week I rejected 25k offer for my galaxy S2 bcz I love this phone ...and now I want to Root my S2. I'm following Rooting Procedure tutuorial on ( How to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 | Reviews | CNET UK ).Any1 followed this one? I know that Incorrectly Rooting may brick the phone...
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    hardisk partion disappeared

    I just install re-installed windows on C drive. but my E drive doesnt show up now. D drive is visible.please help
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    Price for Used IPHONE 4

    If i were to buy a 1 yr used Iphone4 16gb with minor scratches how much should i pay the seller. Seller is asking 21k.
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    Cant Find Exact Insecure Kernel For Rooting S2

    Hello, I'm planning to root my Samsung Galaxy S2..Downloaded Odin & kies, I'm not able to find In-Secure Kernel version which matches exaclty with that on my phone posted below. Kernel Version 3.0.15-I900XWLP7-CL340913dpi@DELL134#3 I'm searching for XWLP7 on XDA Forums ? Anyone with link of...
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    Should I Sell Galaxy S2 for 25k?

    I have an oppurtunity to sell my samsung galaxy s2 which is 3months old for Rs 25000(purchased 28000). I feel the phone size is big for me also the battery is very poor ( even other phones are worse) Despite having Several features( AUTO-ROTATION,SYNC,SENSORS to name a few) i have to turn them...
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