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    MinGW.... how to run it?????

    Ok... So i downloaded the installer and chose everything under "basic" setup. It installed following-> It went fine and I added the environment variable as "C:\MinGW\bin" But now I dont know how to run this thing. Please tell. PS-> Newbie in C, just started today.
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    Looking for a Smart Watch

    Hi I want to buy a smart watch. My budget is rupees 7000. My phone is galaxy s3 intenational varient. Please tell me the best suited smart watch that offers most features within this price range.
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    Please recommend me a graphic card according to my rig

    Hello Here is my build-> Core I7 3770K Asrock Extreme 4 Corsair Vangeance 4GB x2 RAM Seagate barracuda 1TB HDD Samsung 840 SSD 120GB Corsair H100i Cooler Corsair Tx850M Power Supply Cooler Master 690 2 Plus Cabinet Nvidia GT610 Synergy 2GB GpU As you can see, I have a damned GPU...
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    Gamepad buying advice

    Hello all I have a decent pc (WEI score 7.8). I play most of pc game with my deathstalker ultimate. But now I also decided to play some console games in it using emulators since I currently don't have money to by one. And playing console games with keyboard is a bit uncomfortable. So I...
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    Stablest version of netbeans?

    Hello I actually just took the subject "Informatics Practices" whilee I do Non-Medical in X1 class. I am quite new and currently i am working on learning java (I learned some till now, enough to create a simple tic-tac-toe game). Till now, i was making projects in school IP lab only. But...
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    What is this component for on corsair h100i

    Hi I just purchased corsair h100i for my i7 3770k. I have no problem and fitting and working was fine. But there is this component - I don't know what purpose it serves and how to fit it. According to manual, i had just to be kept on that block after putting it on processor and put some...
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    Will my gpu run crysis 3

    hello everyone My specs- Core i7 3770k Asrock extreme 4 8gb Corsair vengeance ram Nvidia gt610 synergy 2gb gpu + Corsair h100i fan Razer deathstalker ultimate elite keyboard. Madness huh? I know what will you all say, "just wtf was he thinking going for that keyboard and fan...
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    Is razer naga epic that bad?

    Hello I am going to buy a mouse and decided to buy razer naga epic. But i heard a lot of reviews out there regarding it shows problems within a month. Please tell, is this mouse really that bad? I like it's looks. Any other mouse with similar looks? I know most of you will tell me to go with...
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    ssd or mouse?

    Hello I decided to purchase a new thing big confused between mouse and ssd. I want to buy razer naga epic as mouse and Samsung 840 pro 120gb as ssd. I have budget to only buy one. Although my cheap Microsoft mouse works perfectly fine but i hate its looks. Also, i want to have a wireless...
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    A good ssd for my os and high end games?

    Hello. My specs- Core i7 3770k processor Asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard Nvidia gtx 690 zotac graphics card Corsair vengeance 2x4gb ram Corsair h100i cooler 3x cooler master 90 cfm fans Corsair tx850m power supply Seagate barracuda 1tb internal hdd Cooler master 690 2 Plus cabinet I...
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    OCing i7 3770k

    Hello I just purchased New setup. Processor- i7 3770k Cooler- corsair h100i extreme performance Ram- corsair vengeance 4gb x 2 Motherboard- ASRock z77 Extreme 4 Cabinet- cooler master 690 2 Plus Cooler master 90CFM x3 coolers extra. +some other stuff that I think is not so...
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    Is this mouse good enough

    Hello I want to purchase a new mouse (mainly for gaming). I want it to be- Wireless Good Looking Good response time Fine range My budget is around 1000rupees. I currently liked "Circle Rover Wireless Mouse" -...
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    Preventing Corsair H100 leaks

    Hello Just decided to purchase corsair h100i extreme performance (and bla-bla). But I have seen many cases where it messed systems by leading, especially neat the paint of hozel joints. So my question is simple- how do I prevent it from leaking? Should I put some tape or something at critical...
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    Are these fans worth buying, for only looks?

    Hello I got a new build at my home. Everything for performance is complete. Now I am moving on to looks. My cabinet is cooler master 690 2 plus. I have been purchasing fans for performance and same I want to do for looks. For performance, I have corsair h100 and for looks I have selected...
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    Newbie questions related to liquid cooling

    Hello all I purchased an Intel core i7 3770K. Yeah, setting this "K", there is no use of it unless we overclock and for overclock, we need a good cooler. I will be overclocking to 4.5GHz. So I decided to buy corsair H100 as my cooler with its loops over my processor as well as my graphics...
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    Please recommend me a power supply unit

    Hello My specs- Core I7 3770k processor ASRock z77 extreme 4 motherboard Nvidia gt 610 syenergy edition gddr3 2gb graphics card Corsair vengeance 2x4gb ram Cooler Master CM 690 2 plus cabinet A Phillips monitor whose model I don't know (lcd) Creative speakers and woofer whose...
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    recommend me Windows version for my build

    Hello My specs- Core i7 3770k processor Asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo Corsair vengeance 2x4gb ram Seagate barracuda 1TB Hdd I hope it's enough for info... Please recommend me what Windows should I use. I am mostly heavy gamer and some android development and 3d models creation...
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    how many fans do you recommend?

    Hello My pc specs- Core i7 3770k processor Asrock z77 extreme4 motherboard. Zotac nvidia syenergy gddr3 2gb graphics card (I know it's loss end so please don't mention to change it, I will change in in future) Corsair vengeance 4x1 gb ram Cooler Master HAF 912 Combat Mid Tower...
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    Confusion of processor and MB

    Hi. I want to buy a new cpu. I already decided my graphics card and ran but failing to decide MB and processor. My budget- MB- Rs.10000 or a little more. PRO- Rs. 12000 or a little more. I chose my motherboard as ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard and want to buy it. I wanted to buy AMD 3.3...
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    Which antivirus should i buy?

    Hi all :) I am new to this forum. As Digit is my favourite magzine, so i chose this forum. And please sorry if i am posting in wrong section. My question is- Which antivirus is best to buy? Norton 360 6.0 or Kaspersky pure 2.0? Also, will i need to install some other special anti-malware...
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