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    MB-Processor + GPU for upgrade within 20k

    Old PC is not working On a shoestring budget which is the best option such that new config can do basic office work, and some gaming at medium resolutions on a 22 inch lcd Please provide options for an AMD based and Intel based MB-Processor and GPU combination separately within 15-20k. Parts...
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    6670 or alternative for old cpu

    Read as 6670 in the title I have a phenom ii x2 555 processor on amd 785 am3 board (ddr2 only) overclocking I want to upgrade from integrated psu is a cooler master real power 460w Considering my old cpu, which gfx card will be ideal, a 6670 ddr5 or something else Has the...
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    BSNL pantel IS701R review

    After 24 hours of getting the device in hand, i will sum it up for you. Cost of the product was 3385/- including shipping For specs: Initially, an HDMI output was part of the specification but was not included. Verdict: 1. Cheapest in India - but...
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    BSNL pantel IS701R review

    After 24 hours of getting the device in hand, i will sum it up for you. Cost of the product was 3385/- including shipping For specs: T-Pad IS701R | Lowest cost tablet in market today Entry "consumption"device Initially, an HDMI output was part of the specification but was not included...
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    Laptop display problem

    Old gateway p4 laptop with 17 inch display. Display now has bright contrast with gibberish on screen. Can this display be repaired? Can someone suggest a reliable and reasonable Laptop repair shop in Nehru place.
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    Upgrading Cabinet

    Currently, have a cooler master elite 310. Runs really hot (68 degrees now in this cold delhi temp) I want to install a CPU Cooler (hyper 212/evo) in a new cabinet Should i go for Elite 370 or Elite 431 (need bottom mounted PSU, top and front 120mm fans and dust filters as there is lot of...
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    Laptop Buying advice: Samsung NP300E5Z-A01IN

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 23-25k 2) What size notebook would you prefer? c. Thin and Light; 13" - 14" screen or d. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? Also state that if Delhi, India 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you...
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    Need a basic dual core rig within 3.5-4k

    Any colour cabinet (intact front panels with functional LED with provision for attaching one 80mm fan and one extra hard disk at-least), smps >= 400W, >=2 Sata ports + 2 front USB ports + video + audio with PCI-E (preferably)/AGP slot, +/- cd/dvd reader, +/- hard disk (any capacity), ddr2...
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    [Want to Buy] need a 20/40/80 gb ide hard drive

    Should be 7200 rpm and ideally without any bad sectors. Delhi seller preferred for direct pick up and pay
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    Cheapest Processor-Mobo combo

    for an extremely tight budget...just want to run win xp sp3/linux and nothing fancy Only requirement in mobo is integrated graphics, audio, ddr-3 support and a PCI-E slot for future if necessary. Processor should obviously have two cores. Total budget for both should come around 4-4.5k...
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    Want a Pentium D + MB

    Want to build a very cheap second hang rig for someone Req: any pentium D (dual core) + any Motherboard (with at-least 2 SATA ports and some form of integrated graphics, audio and DDR2-667/800 support]. I don't expect any warranty on the parts but items including stock cooler should be...
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    suggest a cheap gfx card

    Config: Phenom II X2 555BE, Gigabyte 785GMUS2H, 4gb ddr-2, psu: cm real power pro 460w, cm310 elite, samsung 2233sw. Budget: 5-6k My comp already runs hot at 55 degrees during normal work. So, want something which runs cool. Or will i need a CPU cooler (suggest one within 1.5k which will fit...
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    P4 pc + 17 inch CRT + UPS + Table

    SOLD locally via quikr This is for a friend. For a local Delhi based buyer only. Date of Purchase: 2003 (Warranty expired except on UPS) PC Config Mainboard: Vintron Intel 845 based original chipset Processor: Intel P-4 1.6 Mhz Ram : 768 MB SDRAM Integrated graphics RIVA TNT-2...
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    How to install front fan in CM Elite 310

    I tried to install a front intake 120 * 120 * 25 mm fan in my CM Elite 310 (Bought in Feb 2010) after removing the front plastic bezel. However, there is apparently not enough space for the fan to get into the narrow space. I already have a side intake fan (Blademaster 120mm) and a rear exhaust...
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    Need a Wifi USB dongle (Adapter)

    I have 1 mbps mtnl broadband connection, on a Beetel 450 TC1 router. I want to connect net with second desktop computer 10-12m away. Which is a stable USB dongle/adapter for my configuration? Budget is around 9-1.2k
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    Suggest Mobo+Processor within 5k

    For basic work, not gaming. Plan to run W7-32 bit eBay India: MSI G31TM-P21 Motherboard For Intel - 3YR Warranty (item 310275128764 end time 06-Dec-2010 00:22:04 IST) Is the drive and price okay. Which intel processor will fit in for my budget. What is alternative if i go for AMD...
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    Suggestions: 1 tb internal hard drive

    Should I buy seagate barracuda or some other drive. (secondary storage) I will NOT buy the slow green caviar. What other options do I have? Is the Samsung Spintop available in Nehru Place? I would have preferred something with a 5 yr warranty, seagate has only three. Seagate at SMC last week...
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    Help regarding modding a PS2

    I know its rather lame for this age, but since I never owned one, I have few questions: Are there different ways (available in India) to mod a PS2 slim Which is the best method and what is its rough cost and availability in say Palika Bazaar Is it possible to attach USB Hard Drive to a...
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    Verbatim DVD+R Where can I buy in Delhi

    Is it available at Nehru place? Which shops? I only find stocks of poor Moserbaer, Sony, Writex. I used to buy from Dvdstoredelhi at ebay but he neither has supply and is very inefficient
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    any AGP card supporting widescreen resolution

    I need a 4X/8X AGP card which can run widescreen LCD with resolution of 1368 * 768 Cheapest will do. Delhi seller desired
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