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    Want to upgrade my PC.

    Currently my pc's is configured under above configuration. MOB:-Intel Corporation DG41RQ(J2E1) RAM:-4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 333MHz (5-5-5-15) CPU:-Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz Wolfdale 45nm Technology GPU:-1024MB AMD Radeon HD 6670 (Sapphire) HDD:-298GB SAMSUNG HD321HJ ATA...
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    Multifunctional printer.

    Please suggest best multifunctional printer under ink tank system. I have short listed some.Brother DCP T500w and Epson L220 . My budget is Rs.10000-11000 .
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    Which one is good to buy .

    Which video streaming device is good to buy. 1.WD TV - Media Player 2. Amteeke evo tv 3.Apple TV 4.iRevo TV
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    Assembleing- Using a laptop processor into a Mini pc.

    I want to utilize my laptop processor and RAM to make a Mini Pc something like media center.So could any one of you suggest me a good motherboard for it . Processor-Intel Atom N2600 Dual-core 1.60 GHz Ram-2 GB, DDR3 SDRAM
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    2 android phones and same google account !

    As i am using two android phones but unfortunately i have signed up both of my phones with same google account . One is used by me and other is used by brother . As i have singed up with my google account all emails etc . Is been sent to both of there handset . As per privacy concern i don't...
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    Someone is using my Wireless Router Guest Network?

    My Wireless Router has a Guest Network, and when computers connect to the Guest Network and use my internet, How can I know if someone is using my Wireless Router's Guest Network?How can i monitor them like mac address,ip address , and other info also.
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    PC Gets restart !!!!!!!

    Few DAYS before i have bought a Sapphaire ATI 6670 with 1GB DDR5 . i have been noticing that 1.when i use my PC for normal use (Surfing net, Listing songs etc.) it works fine. 2.when i use to play games (having sound output via Speakers) and by chances if power cut's off the PC gets restarted...
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    Convert your old WiFi modem to a WiFi repeater .

    i want to convert my Old WiFi modem into a WiFi repeater for which i am using Teracom (TDSL200W2) as repeater and Net-gear JNR1010 as a Base station. Now the problem is that i am unable to configure it properly .I have seen lots of videos tips and tricks but non of them where successful .Every...
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    What's the problem................????????

    when ever I use to play movies using my net book which is connected with TV via HDMI cable (for duplicating the screen ) and for audio output I use my home theater connected via Audio input/output cable.Now the probe is that when ever i play the movie the TV get's blackout for 1 sec which...
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    how to reset Facebook Account ????

    Is their any way to reset the FB account to a brand new account . mean to say that i want to delete all of my conversation , tags , search history , others who have search about me , post, friends...........every thing . without creating a new one. (Without going to activity log and delete each...
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    Internet Surfing Problem

    I am having Broadband connection,Which is connected through a ADSL modem (D Link DSL 2520U) and by using a WiFi Router (NetGear JNR1010) i have made the LAN connection. But i have noticed that when i connect my LAN cable directly to the modem i works fine but when i made a WAN connection using...
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    How upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

    Since last few years I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 (64 Bit) and now I want to upgrade it to Windows 8 Pro With media center (64 Bit)can any one know's how to perform it.
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    HDMI will it works.........!!!!!!!!

    2 days ago i bought a new 32 inch LED TV (SONY R42)AND a home theater system (SONY DAV-TZ145)............ now i am facing problem that when ever i use to play videos from pen drive the file format doesn't support so i started converting the files into the supported formats .i found this little...
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    Converting video files with dual audio

    i was converting some of my downloaded video files into required formats but unfortunately i found that after converting it i am getting only single audio sound {english }these files is to played in home theater how can i select the {hindi} audio as a single audio while performing...
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    Sony DAV-TZ145 Which format of USB video playback does it supports ??????

    as per instruction manual when ever i plug in my USB drive it is shows file format does not support ,sometimes when it plays the video it shows only video but no audio, the problem goes on........... :-x :-x :shock: Playable Types of Files Video File format Extensions...
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    Blue screen error

    two days before i have installed {previous OS Windows 7 ultimate }Windows 7 ultimate service pack 1 and from that time i have been facing this blue screen error i have also scanned my whole system and also found some virus and heal them but the problem still continues . i have made any changes...
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    want to make my wifi free for public use .

    as i am using NETGEAR 150 wireless router from last few weeks i am using it for my personal devices, but now i want it to be used by all of my society members only. I have mentioned few of my requirements Want to monitor who is using my WiFi connection , Which sites are being surfed by them...
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    Full HDTV and 5.1 home theater ??

    suggestion required for buying a 32 inch full HDTV {LED}and a 5.1 channel home theater {with rear side wireless speakers } my budget for HDTV is around Rs 36,000 and for home theater is Rs 10,000. Preferable brands are SAMSUNG ,SONY,LG,PANASONIC.
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    is this a virus indication or something else !!!

    did any one knows what kind of problem is this this a indication of virus or something like OS problem any one can say how to remove this square mark........ :-?
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    Windows 7 and Windows 8 blue screen error ?

    i have shifted to windows 8 since last 1 week and i have noticed that when ever i use to surf net or listen songs the memory starts dumping with the blue screen error. then after few days i again shifted to windows 7 and again the same problem continues. oh yes i would like to mention one thing...
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