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    how to change wallpaper for desktop in office pc

    in my office, users can login in their pc with administrator login and other user login. i use to login with my username and password. but the wallpaper for my username desktop is fixed. i m unable to change do i change the wallpaper for my username login as per my wish? i know...
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    want to buy a mobile ...pls suggest

    arnd 30k....can i expect a price drop once for note 2?
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    want to buy a mobile ...pls suggest

    i have decided to choose between galaxy s3 or xperia sl or any similiar HTC phone many say htc has poor i reject this s3 has better attraction but feature wise SL is similiar to s3....pls tell me abt the battery life between two mobiles.... can i expect a price drop of any...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

    what is PD? can i connect data card via usb say mts for browsing in both versions? will it work with android? there are few versions in tab 2 7 which supports wifi and 3g it true?
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

    friends i want to buy a tablet for my personal use...this will be my first tablet buy...i have to decide between Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 .....i have a few doubts please answer them 1.i want to know whether i can put a 3G sim card like airtel,vodafone etc and...
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    FIFA 13 v/s PES 13

    i m playing fifa the start menu it checks for internet connection and stays there for longer to disable this option?
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    Dark Souls discussion

    wasnt the port problem a irritant?
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    Suggest Me a Game [PC]

    which one is better ? fifa or PES .....i m new to football games....want to play in pc
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    Suggest Me a Game [PC]

    hows the gameplay of kingdom of amalur? is it worth it similiar to witcher?
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    Suggest Me a Game [PC]

    how is kingdom of amalur? how it differs from DA?
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    i have played DAO and playing DA2.. any other game similiar to DA... i dont wanna play skyrim and witcher...... how kingdom of amalur?
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    how to assign a mp3 song as ringtone in Nokia Lumia 610?

    how to assign a mp3 song as ringtone in Nokia Lumia 610?
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    need android mobile under 8k

    required for document,pdf, viewer/editor, high class music, decent camera, touch screen, android, maps, web browsing i have few options HTC Explorer - but this does not have document viewer. LG Optimus One P500 - no flash camera and No Flash support in the browser Samsung Galaxy Y...
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    Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 Discussion

    any one playing mass effect 1?
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    a noob question

    friends i m really new to this i have few questions...please answer them patiently.... 1.What is the difference between openware and freeware? 2.Say i want to distribute 1000 laptops freely to poor people. which OS would i prefer linux or windows. obviously i would prefer...
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    need advice on communication between offices

    i want a advice on how to interconnect a sub-offices located in different parts of the country .... say the headquarters of the office is located in A, and the sub offices located in B,C and so on...... the way of communication, like instant chat, send mails, send files etc should be...
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    ps emulator to pc

    i really want to play god of war series in pc...... is it very difficult for playing it in pc as it was mainly deisgned for ps..... any software for it? ... i dont have game pad..... any video link on how to install the emulator and run the game
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    configuring dlink dsl 2750u for bsnl

    can any one plz provide stey by step guide to configure dlink dsl 2750u for bsnl..... i need to configure for wireless also
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    which is the best specialisation for a warrior, rogue,mage?
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    i believe fire damage is ineffective against demons, ash wraith and dragons dragon age origins rocks....this is the first rpg i m playing...... once i completer this, how abt trying dragon age origins awakening and dragon age 2 it worthwhile like the DAO? tell abt skyrim any other...
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