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    Upgrading my PC, Suggestions? Hackintosh friendly

    Hey guys, I've decided to upgrade my PC. I have the following config: CPU: i7 920 Mobo: Gigabyte EX56 UD5 Ram: Corsair 6GB tri channel HDD: 1 TB WD green GPU: HD 5770 PSU: Cooler Master GX 550 ( I know I compromised with PSU) Cabinet: CM 690 Monitor: Benq 22 inch LCD I suppose that's the...
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    Upgrade My Computer (i7 920) or Buy an Xbox

    Hi there, I am a little confused, I have a computer with the configuration as mentioned in my signature (though my motherboard is UD7 probably not UD5). My hardware knowledge is very outdated (about 5 at the least) so I need help. Anyways I have 3 options. Option 1: * I have 6GB tri channel...
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    Should I go for WD 2TB Caviar Black?

    Hey Guys, So I've got a 1TB Caviar Green currently, which is probably the bottleneck to my overall system rating (5.9), Nevertheless I wanted to upgrade to 2TB so thought this time I should go for 2TB Caviar black, are there any better alternatives? Or should I really just stick to my 1TB Green...
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    Will i be able to use OCZ agility 3 60GB SSD on my Gigabyte MOBO

    Hello, My motherboard is Gigabyte ga-g41mt-s2p It has 3Gbits SATA ports, will i be able to use OCZ agility 3 or any other 6GBits SSD Hard disk on my mobo? Kind Regards, Rahul Meena
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    New PC for mostly Studio quality audio work.

    Hello everyone, I know the processing requirement for Audio isn't much but still I thought should mention it,this is basically for a friend he filled up the questionnaire.. here we go: 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers...
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    Television for around 30k, which one I should go for?

    Hey people, I dont know much about the current TV standards & stuff so please help me here. Here's the stuff I need: Good Quality HD1080 (optional) No need for internet connection & stuff (sayin that because a salesman was trying to impress me saying this one has Internet connection & i...
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    Apple iPhone 4 or Dell Streak?

    Hey guys n.. gals(if thr are any geeky ones out here :P) So I have 2 choices an iPhone or Dell streak.. ofcourse feature wise dell streak is way better then iPhone but then iPhone is well iPhone it just has an amazing feel to it. Although my geeky instincts are yelling at me to go for Dell...
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    Need to exchange/sell my 3 months Nokia C7 8GB (with bill and an year warranty)

    Hey guys, Model number and details: Nokia C7-00 10.2mbps 3G, 8GB internal memory, symbian^3 OS. Date of purchase: 03/03/2011 Reason for sale: Require Android/iphone apps Warranty details: 9 months warranty left (original bill included) Expected Price: 13.5k (negotiable) Location of Seller...
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    Buying a new PC... need suggestions!

    Hello, I am buying a new Desktop soon, and I have had quotations made from various dealers, and I need suggestions for some parts... Here's the config am buying: core i7 920 + Intel m/b wx58bp (would MSI mobo be better?) 4GB DDR3 RAM 1 TB SATA (seagate or WD? please suggest?) 22" TFT samsung...
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    ATI Radeon X1650PRO AGP 512MB Video Card

    AGP 4x / 8x, DDR2, 256-bit, 400MHz/667MHz DVI, VGA / D-SUB, TV / S-Video OUT I bought this Video Card a few months ago but it did not support my PC since i dont have AGP interface on my mother board. I bought it @ Rs. 4500 it is as good as new, price on your request. Please read the...
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