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    Home Wifi system

    Hello, I am getting a 4 storey house built, i want wifi connectivity on all floors. Preferably i would want the same ssid on all floors, so that you dont have to disconnect and connect when walking to the other floor. Also, I dont want a repeater setup, something like, Google Home available in...
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    RCT3 Blank Screen Win 7

    Dear all, I have just installed Roller coaster Tycoon 3 on my Win 7 pc. But unfortunately its not running. I just get a blank screen with only my cursor visible. It remains that way until I press enter or esc. Then it closes down and the "stopped working...." error appears and nothing happens...
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    Tally 4.5

    Dear All, Im running Tally 4.5 on DOS on a system with DOS and winxp in dual boot. Off late my Tally 4.5 has started give some error. It runs fine, in one of the accounts when I change the Financial yr, it asks for the books to be carried forward, i say yes then it exits tally and comes back...
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    bluetooth headset to lcd

    Hey guys, I have a Sony 40inches Ex400 LCD and a dell Bluetooth headsets. I want too know is there a possibility that I connect my Bluetooth headsets with my lcd thru Bluetooth dongle.? Thanks n advance Magneticme
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    Home setup.!

    Hello friends, I have a query that i need to clear. I have my new house constructed. I have got LAN wires in every room of the house and all are converging to one place. Now I want to have an internet connection connected, so that I can use my laptop by connecting it in any room by the...
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    A lot of BSODs

    Hey guys im using win7 with core 2 duo e4600 2.4 ghz. I have been experiencing a lot of bsods off late. Im attaching the log file from BlueScreenView software. Please have a look and advise some solution. Im really annoyed of restarts so often. thnks in advance magneticme200 here...
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    A laptop within around 45k!

    hey guys, i want a laptop within Rs. 45K. Preferences would be a 17inch screen! else all should be pretty much ok and Dell or sony! pls suggest... thanks in advance magneticme200 ---------- Post added 29-04-2010 at 12:24 AM ---------- Previous post was 28-04-2010 at 10:51 PM...
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    Sony VAIO VGN-CS17G

    hey guys, How is Sony VAIO VGN-CS17G to buy? thnks in advance magneticme200
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    Tally data converter

    Hey guys, i need tally data converter from version 5.4 to 7.2.... pls help!
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    Wi-fi problem

    Hey guys, my config is... a modem - wifi router - pc. i am able to use the internet on my pc absolutely fine. but when i use wifi on my laptop or on my phone, iam not able to upload files sometimes, open some websites sometimes....What could be the issue.? When i face these problems i...
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    [Req]: panoramic wallpaper

    hey guys,' thre are a lot of websites that hv panoramic 360 deg view. i want to extract the landscape wallpaper out of thre any softwre to extract that? i hope im clear in what i want! thnks in advance magneticme200
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    I have my n900.!!

    hey guys.... ive the n900 with me now....after a wait of about a month... its just super cool:) you are most welcome to clear any of your quarries if you have about the im using the device in a position of answering your doubts if/any..! thnks magneticme200
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    chrome os

    hey guys i want to have chrome its kinda confusing. could somebdy post the complete step by step installation instruction. i have ubuntu 8.10 as the base os pls i want to have it thnks tc
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    A 14-15k USB tv

    hey guys., im in search for a lcd television which has a usb port in it!!! pls help! thnks in advance magneticme200
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    Unnecessary processes in taskmanager

    Hey guys, im uploading two pictures of the processes running, i havent seen any pc with so many processes running at the same time.... also im uploading a picture of startup apps. pls have a luk and help me stopping them frm running unnecessarily. im getting pathetic running speed of my...
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    N900 firmware update india

    Guys, ive got my n900 from Uk from a frnd of mine, though havent got hands on it...will be in my hands in 4-5 days time. wat i wud like to knw is since it is not launched in india so thre wudnt be any India-specific firmware updates available i knw, but wud i be able to update it? because...
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    Are phones cheaper in US ??

    Hey guys, Ive been following the launch of Nokia N900 very religiously... It is about to be launched on 14th Nov in US, and 16th Nov in UK.. What ive come across is that the pre-order price for n900 on the US website is 649USD which is app. 30000INR, while on the UK website it available for...
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    Airtel Usb to Tata usb

    Hey guys, ive been using the airtel usb internet for quite sometime nw and im uterly disappointed with the speed is offers.....a day back i was at my frnds place and he had the tata photon usb with him and i cudnt believe tht he cud see a match running on live stream non stop.,.. now my...
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    Graphic Card

    Hey guys, Im planning to upgrade my graphic card. currently i have nvidia 8400gs... most of the games do run fine in this card...but i hv experienced lagging in sme high end games...niw u want to upgrade it...pls suggest me sme card strictly within 10k. Also let me knw tht if i would need...
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    Xbox and Wii

    Hey guys., just about at the end of this month im about to buy a gaming console. now im confused between xbox 360 and nintendo wii.. thre are some aspects i wud like you ppl to throw light on so that my vision about the decision becomes absolutely clear and i dnt end up feeling as if i ve...
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