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    Transformation pack for XP ?

    Transformation pack for XP for Vista ? wats good ?
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    LG 18x Super Multi Dual Layer DVD Writer

    Doing this on my Friends Behalf LG 18x Dual Layer DVD Writer For Sale,its 2 Months Old with Bill,has Warranty left ,he Still has the Original Box Model : GSAH44N Pics: Specifications: Write: DVD-R 18X CAV DVD-R DL 10x ZCLV DVD-RW 6x CLV DVD-RAM 6x-12x PCAV DVD+R 18x...
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    Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB,20-Pack

    8.5 Gbyte's of storage capacity on a single-sided disc--No need to flip the disc Supported by high speed Double Layer writers, up to 6X. Largest compatible DVD back-up and data archiving format for computer drives Record 4 hours of DVD quality...
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    eVGA 8800GTS Fantastic Pricing

    eVGA 8800GTS 320MB 1. Standard 320-P2-N811-AR ---> Rs. 14,000/- 2. Super Clocked 320-P2-N815-AR ---> Rs. 15,000/- 3. KO ACS3 320-P2-N817-AR ---> Rs. 15,500/- (first 2 customer only) then Rs. 16,500 eVGA 8800GTS 640MB 1. Standard 640-P2-N821-AR ---> Rs. 18,500/- 2. Super Clocked 640-P2-N815-AR...
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    command in Red Hat ?

    would like to know wats the command i should type to hide folders in red hat 8.0 ? can somebody pls help on this regards
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    Creative SBS20 BookShelf Speakers

    Creative SBS20 BookShelf Speakers Up For Sale Location: Bangalore Price: 700+ Shipping Bangalore Guys Preffered for Direct Pickup
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    Two Amzing Bangalorean's !!!

    Check these two amzing guys Sridhar & Aashish i found these 2 really kool having thought of something sensible
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    P IV PC For Sale (Bangalore Only)

    Processor: Pentium IV,Intel 2.8 GHz Intel 865 Mother Board, Seagate160GB HDD Sata 512 MB RAM DDR1 @ 533 LG 17" Color Monitor LG CD Writer Mercury UPS Creative 5.1 Speakers with Sound Card(Home Theatre), Frontech TV Tuner Card with Remote Intex LAN Card Sony FloppyDisk ibox Cabinet...
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