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  1. liquidsnake

    No display during post or os boot

    Hi, My laptop fell from bus seat to the bus floor and since then there is no display during post or os boot on the default laptop screen. The display works fine on the secondary monitor. I can hear the post sound (asus post sound) each time. After post the display comes fine and works normally...
  2. liquidsnake

    wake up from standby

    hello guys i was wondering whether i could get a software to wake up from sleep since i configured my lappy to sleep @ 3% battery but i want my lappy to wake up when power comes but couldnt find any solution till now there is no wake on power option in my laptop & i am using Zenith director...
  3. liquidsnake


    with the launch of 3g in india the companies are selling 3g usb modems i have seen of two hsdpa from bsnl & hspa from airtel i was wondering which shd i opt for mostly i download n play online googles but am not satisfied so posting here
  4. liquidsnake

    Frequent fps drops in codmw2

    i am facing a very weired problem i can play codmw2 smoothly in win 7 64 bit but in xp the fps keeps diving frequently n smoothen after a min i am tired of this problem my dxdiag my config follows as core 2 duo 2 ghz 4bg ddr2 ram nvidia 9600m xp 32 n win7 64
  5. liquidsnake

    need to wake up when power comes

    hello friends i am facing a little problem i download whole night but sometimes when power is interrupted my lappy goes to standby at 3% battery, but doesnt resume when power comes :cry: i tried a lot of softwares that suggest that wake up from standby, hibernate etc but they couldnt wake my...
  6. liquidsnake

    profile picture not showing in posts

    hello friends i uploaded my pic to the site i can see the pic in the user cp page but not in my posts :[ i searched the forum but couldnt get a soln plz help
  7. liquidsnake

    my 6600 killed fedora core

    i just got my hands on xfx geforce 6600gt i have intel 915mobo, samsung 160 hdd, a dvd rw from pioneer, a samsung crt with two installation of xp & a fedora core3 when i installed 6600 fedora doesn't start please help
  8. liquidsnake

    help me to get a good mobile for a 915 mobo

    i need to buy a mobile that would let me surf the net my old c100 hangs when trying to connect to the net i wanna buy a ngage i wanna know would it be ok or the sys will hang again
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