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    Shuttering Audio in Windows 8.1 x64 (G41 Combo)

    Hello, I am having a PC with following config. Intel Q6600 Nvidia 9600 GT Gigabyte G41 Combo I am running Windows 8.1 and ever since I installed the Windows 8.1, my audio is giving me strange shuttering jittering issues while playing music, movies.. Be it with any applications, WMP /...
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    Problem with Windows 8 Apps

    Some of my Windows 8 (metro) apps have stopped working all of a sudden. Effecting apps as of now are "Photos" / "Yahoo Mail" / "Calender" / "Messaging". Clicking them simply returns to start screen again :-(
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    Q6600 + Windows 8 = Which Virtualization software ??

    Hello, I have been using Microsoft Virtual PC (in Windows XP), then Windows Virtual PC (Windows 7) for last few years. Mainly I use them to run legacy applications and software from previous versions of Windows. Things where fine till Windows 7, as my processor allowed the the default MS...
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    Need a home/office PC with lowest possible budget (~22k)

    Hello, I need a configuration for a PC which will be used extensively for office purposes. Mainly it will be running office / accounting and other productivity applications with little bit of image editing also along with a lot of browsing (many tabs and many browsers :P running web based...
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    Hardware or Software to share Internet Connection with bandwidth limitation

    Hi, In my office, I am have a BSNL broadband connection. I have a Wifi Modem. Few of us uses Desktop and laptop, some connects their smart phone too. Now I want to restrict bandwidth on shared connection, either by mean of hardware or software. Some one please help me to do it from...
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    Need complete PC for Animation & Multimedia student @ 80k (No Gaming)

    Hello, My sister has taken admission in some animation institute and she would be in need of a PC. Our budget for her is at around 80k MAX (upper ceiling). Primary use would be for animation, photo editing and visual editing / effects software works. I am mentioning few, She is not...
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    Alternate to Google Apps for your domain ?

    I manage a domain and email of which I have been hosting with Google's Custome domain or rather Google Apps for your domain service. Hiwever the free account there only allows provision to use not more than 10 user accounts. I was wondering, if there is any alternate to this service with...
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    Will Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo support DDR3 1600 MHz and DDR2 swap without OS format ?

    Hello, I recently purchased a GA-G41M-Combo motherboard after my older motherboard died. At present I am running the Motherboard with DDR2 RAMs (2 x 2 GB DDR2 800MHz). Now I wish to convert to DDR3 platform. I have few question Will the said motherboard support DDR3 1600 MHz RAM ...
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    Many may already know about the launch of from Microsoft. What is A new web based email service intended to replace Live Mail / Hotmail / MSN and other Microsoft email services and bring them under one roof. It works with any previous Microsoft ID...
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    GPS Device for Laptop

    Hi, Is there anyway to use Navigation in laptop using Google Maps or other software ? I mean is there device (GPS) which can be plugged in and make the laptop use Google map or such software like what we can do in tabs and mobile phones ? I am looking for external GPS device for this...
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    Need advice for a new LGA 775 motherboard

    Hello all, This is my first posting so I apologies for any mistake done or if anything is not as per rule in my post. I need advice from experts here about selecting a motherboard. My present PC almost or rather more than 5 years old and the motherboard I was using has died recently...
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