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  1. hareesh

    Weird SD card behaviour

    Hello, I have a rooted SE Neo V with Samsung 16 GB class 10 microSD card. Every thing was working fine until 2 days back, when my SD card refused to show up in my gallery. It says "SD card Unmounted or not present". I checked the settings-->storage, the mobile shows the SD details !!. Also all...
  2. hareesh

    Help with Admin account in Win7

    hi all, I am having Win7 with sole admin account which was working absolutely fine.Recently I opened a guest account with some parental restrictions for child to play in the system. Now I feel , I went a bit overboard and tweaked the system attributes for accessing all the drives. Now I am...
  3. hareesh

    Help to bypass E 5 error on Canon MP145

    I have a Canon Pixma MP145 printer. Off late its showing e5 error ( to replace cartridge). Is there any way to bypass this eror so that I can do scan jobs on the printer? :( no help??
  4. hareesh

    Problem with Monitor

    My ViewSonic monitor has developed a problem lately Whenever I switch on my PC, the display is not there for a while(about 15-20 mts).Then automatically the display comes up. If I try to turn on the monitor after switching it off, a combination of Blue-Red pixels are coming up ,spreading...
  5. hareesh

    Need:Mobile Phone below 12.5 K

    Hi guys, need a mobile phone under a strict budget of 12.5 K (initially the budget was 10K,now I've extended it 2.5 K) preferably android Other than making calls, I'll use it mainly for GPS navigation(a must feature),browsing net,listening music and watching movies will offline...
  6. hareesh

    Help me installing NERO

    hi frnds... when i was installing nero essentials which was bundled with my dvd writer i get an error message that "internal error: custom action DLL crashed on last call in function 'NeroAg_UNregisterComEx'. The installer must now exit. Crash Thread Id 2080 Crash Thread Id...
  7. hareesh

    Some Queries Regarding W810i

    hi, got hold of one 810i... although i'm satisfied with its perfomance....i have some doubts / queries regarding it... 1. I think the sound of walkman player is not loud there any way that i can improve it...either by updating the firmwire or like that...and can any one tell me...
  8. hareesh

    Diff between MS Pro Duo & Micro??

    hi Can any one tell me the diff between MS Pro & MS Micro.... and their prices....???? thnx
  9. hareesh

    Need A Mobile 4 15k...

    hi frnds.... i'm planning to buy a mobile which has a good camera and having a decent sound output....i have 2 choose between SE and Nokia....pls suggest. my budget is around 15 k...but not more than that.....
  10. hareesh


    Hi, This is for my frnd.he is an ardent nokia fan. his budget is 10-11K. but can be stretched upto 12K. yesterday he went to a nokia PD.and now hez confused!!!:shock:. he want a phone with all the new features...!! I suggested 3230..but somebody said that it hangs too much.....pls help... Thnx
  11. hareesh

    ADVICE ME PLZ..........

    Hi guys, i'm new to this forum..i want an advice frm u pple...i'm planning to buy new samsung e700's costing around 13000.. wht r u guys thing abt that??
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