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  1. darkther

    Rivet Networks dynamic bandwidth manager

    I have a Dell laptop and it has something called Rivet Networks Dynamic Bandwidth manager running in the background at all times recently and I think it is messing up the latency in online games for me. I can't seem to find a way to disable it, end task isn't helping either, any help?
  2. darkther

    Aviate: A smart homescreen (Invites giveaway)

    Hello, Darkther here. Most of you guys know what Aviate is and for those who don't know, click here. I am left with 5 invites and I am giving it away now. Those who are interested have to post the reason why you want it :-) and I will select whom to give the invites you. Winners are requested...
  3. darkther

    I got the Black Power (Razer DA)

    I got my Razer Deathadder black edition delivered yesterday evening. Ordered it from primeabgb on 26th september. So far its been working good. Loved the ergonomics and it feels very comfortable. I bought a mousepad from a local shop for Rs.300, it was all printed. My new mouse and also the old...
  4. darkther

    TurtleBeach z11

    This is my turtle beach z11 headset, bought back in November 2012. Imported from usa :) imgur: the simple image sharer Total of 8-9 pics Now, these are extremely comfortable headsets, good directionality. The only thing I don't like about these are the massive earcups.
  5. darkther

    Best H77 motherboard under 7.5k

    I was just trying to build a good balanced config though I am not gonna buy (have nothing else to do lol), so I am looking for a good h77 motherboard under the price of 7.5k.
  6. darkther

    Gaming rig under 60k

    Hello to the think digit community, this is my first post on the forums. The worst mistake I have made in my life is to buy an all in one sh*t, now I am planning to build a custom PC, that means all of the stuff including mous, kb, speakers and monitor. I live in a town in MP and there are no...
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