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    Buying Xbox One from

    Xbox One in India costs 27k~34k. Its spring sale now and XBO is available in US for ~$300. I tried Microsoft Store,, ..... but no one is shipping to India. Then I found this at , Its XBO + Halo - The Master Chief Collection @ $319 ~ Rs.21k. New Microsoft...
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    Xbox One setup/play without TV

    I'm planning to buy an Xbox One Console. I don't have a TV. Can I unbox the new console, switch it on, goto my Windows 10 PC and try to connect/stream it using the Xbox app on the PC ? Or is it mandatory to have a TV so that the Xbox console can be accessed and configured such that it can...
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    Fullscreen freezed in emulators

    I’m using three emulators: Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 DOSBox 0.74 FCE Ultra 0.98.10 The three emulators work just fine, but when I press Alt+Enter n go full screen, all the three emulators just freeze and I’m not able to do anything, but as soon as I press Alt+Enter again they all work just...
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    i5(2.5GHz) or i7(1.7GHz)

    I want to buy a laptop but am confused at choosing the correct cpu. I basically do a lot of video encoding work on software like MeGUI, MediaCoder, RealAnime plus I also play lot of games So I was confused whether to opt for an dual core i5 with 2.5 ghz (Dell XPS 15) or to go for quad core...
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