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  1. mad_max

    Good news for Intel G965 Users who use integrated graphics

    W@W uses the same engine as CoD4 so it should run without a problem...and i played the demo of F.E.A.R 2 @ 640x480 without any problem or lag at all,and i'm pretty darn sure that it'll run at 8**x6** without any issues.hope that helps:-) g35 is,but i don't think g33 is though....i wanna know...
  2. mad_max

    Windows 7 Driver Error

    who knows:?:,probably he gave a faulty answer...
  3. mad_max

    Windows 7 Driver Error

    read again,he said no for my first question[without excluding the network adaptor] and yes for the second...and i based my subsequent posts on his reply,oh well :roll: i know dude that's why i said its too weird !!!
  4. mad_max

    Windows 7 Driver Error

    3rd post: i know man,its just too weird...
  5. mad_max

    Windows 7 Driver Error

    did you try installing them in compatibility mode for vista? guy says his network aint working:roll:
  6. mad_max

    Windows 7 Driver Error

    which drivers aren't being installed,sound/video/network? did you try vista drivers?
  7. mad_max

    Windows XP Removal after installing Windows 7

    use easybcd with win seven and remove the entry for xp,restart,format the win xp drive.. it should work;)
  8. mad_max

    The Official Windows 7 Discussion Thread

    if it doesn't install normally,install the driver in the compatibility mood for vista.....
  9. mad_max

    The Official Windows 7 Discussion Thread

    ok nevermind it works like a charm :) board : dg965wh
  10. mad_max

    The Official Windows 7 Discussion Thread

    guys anyone here running this on an intel *g965* board?
  11. mad_max

    Pls help me to access my hard drives

    you brought up a half year old thread to say this?
  12. mad_max

    Current rates of lcds?

    go for a 22 inch samsung man,the price difference aint much and the thing is darn cute lol
  13. mad_max

    Firewall Leak Test

    Outpost Firewall Pro 2009 with KIS 7 Leaktest-------PASSED Tooleaky-------PASSED Firehole--------PASSED Yalta---------- Inconclusive* PCAudit--------PASSED AWFT----------10/10 Thermite-------PASSED PCAudit2-------PASSED WallBreaker-----PASSED** Ghost----------PASSED...
  14. mad_max

    Task Manager>CPU Usage 100% all the time!

    sounds like a conficker varient:???:
  15. mad_max

    antivirus help needed

    nice choice indeed,but the funny thing is that my kis7 didn't give a damn about that test file,or maybe outpost's hips module got to it first who cares.btw did you buy kav 2009 or kis 2009? kav 2009 doesn't include a registry guard,just my 2 cents:)
  16. mad_max

    Task Manager>CPU Usage 100% all the time!

    heh once you're hooked on to something its hard to resist promoting it;) like i always go kaspersky or mbam when i get a virus related question lol:p and for a antivirus,kaspersky 7 FTW:D,but yea i haven't to this date seen an antivirus which is effective at removing trojans from an infected...
  17. mad_max

    <<Maintain a Virus Zoo>> at USB drive.possible..?

    loll:D anyways if you want viruses,go to warez sites and download like no tomorrow:p chances are that 1/10 of those come with uploaders' own payload(use a fool proof firewall and a good anti virus unless you want to end up as another node of a botnet),or use a p2p application and download...
  18. mad_max

    Task Manager>CPU Usage 100% all the time!

    see what's the process thats eating up ur cpu cycles;) maybe its the antivirus cuz i used to get that problem occasionally with kis 8,uhh what an awesome[NOT] upgrade that was:S
  19. mad_max

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Ooo my kind of thread:D Blame it on Rio 9/10
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