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  1. jiteshbhimani

    3G Router

    Hey Friends - I'm looking to purchase 3G WiFi router. Please let me know which are the brands I should look for: D-Link, TP-Link, ASUS,..... I'm using MTS dongle and Huawei E303C (GSM) so it should support at least both these modems. Points to note: 1) It should have good coverage. 2) It...
  2. jiteshbhimani

    3G Modem configuration files for my 3G Router

    Guys,<br /> Can you please let me know from where I can download 3G Modem configuration files for my 3G Router?<br /> My MR-3220 is not able to identify Huawei EC1260 (Reliance Netconnect).<br /> <br /> Thanks.
  3. jiteshbhimani

    Good Music Phone in 7K to 8K range...

    Hello Friends, I would like to buy good music phone in the range of 7000 to 8000...... The music played should be good and loud if played on Loudspeaker....... I saw couple of mobiles but, I am confused on taking decision... Sony Ericsson W200i lacks data cable and blue tooth I don't...
  4. jiteshbhimani

    Accessing Mails of Office @ Home......

    Hi Friends, We use outlook for mails in office. Now, is it possible to access those mails from home....or is there any setting i have to do in outlook??
  5. jiteshbhimani

    Which All in One FROM :Canon Pixma MP 150/HP Deskjet F380 AIO/HP Officejet 4355 AIO

    Hi Friends, Which among the above three will you suggest considering the COST per PAGE? And is it advisable to go for AIO? Please give your suggestions. I am home user only. If any one of you is using any product from above three please give your feedback. And please tell any other good...
  6. jiteshbhimani

    All-in-One or Seperate Printer and Scanner?

    Hi Friends, I am confused which one should i get...... Should i go for MULTIFUNCTION All-In-ONE or should i buy decent printer and scanner. And which company should i trust and what is the difference between Inkjet and Laser Jet? Which one would be advisable if i take printout of one...
  7. jiteshbhimani

    Eye Operation :: Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix, LASIK Technology

    Hi Friends, I wanted to know whether eye operation is advisable? It is a Bausch & Lomb Laser Center and they guarantee freedom from Spectacles. If any one of you or any of ur relatives have gone through this operation then kindly let me know the result.
  8. jiteshbhimani

    Will Mercury 845GL motherboard support 512MB DDR RAM AT 333/400 MHZ

    Hi friends, I got P-4, 845GL NDSMx mercury motherboard (It has both the slots for SD as well as DDR). At present i have 128 MB SD RAM at 133 MHZ. Now, i want to upgrade my RAM to 512 DDR but the problem is that in market the 512 DDR RAM is available but its frequency is 333 or 400 MHz whereas...
  9. jiteshbhimani

    Unknown Call?????????????

    Hi friends, I received an unknown call on my mobile......the number it was displaying was +5044 can anyone tell me which country's code is this?
  10. jiteshbhimani

    Which one is better .OGG or .MP3??

    friends, i want to know which format is better for playing songs on Nokia 3230. .ogg or .MP3? Is there any difference between the two? I read some where that .OGG files sounds better and are much more compressed i.e small in size.
  11. jiteshbhimani

    How to Improve the Sound Quality of Nokia 3230?

    Hi friends, Which software i should use to improve the sound quality as well as hear it loud and clear for Nokia 3230? Awaiting for your response...........
  12. jiteshbhimani

    Listen To Radio without enhancement?

    Hi guys, I want to know whether it is possible to listen to radio using buit in speaker of the phone without attaching the enhancement?? I got NOKIA 3230. Is there any application available for that??
  13. jiteshbhimani


    Hi Friends, I have Seagate 40GB HDD and now it is detected but i am not able to format it. I mean the computer HANGS whenever i try to format it. I also used Partition Magic, but it get stuck on 94%. I used one software (Disk Repair) which shows PHYSICAL BAD SECTORS. I know it is not...
  14. jiteshbhimani

    Is 80GB HDD Supported By P-3?

    Hi Friends, I want to know whether 80GB HDD is supported by Intel Pentium 3. My PC configuration is:: Intel Pentium 3 810e Motherboard 256MB SD RAM 501 MHz As, some dealers are telling to go for 40GB as 80GB is not supported. Moreover, i tried the 80GB one on my friend's PC, we have...
  15. jiteshbhimani

    Including FORUM??

    Hi, I wanted to include FORUM in my site, is there any software available for this?? It should be like the one given in this site i.e
  16. jiteshbhimani

    Mozilla Firfox Offline Browsing

    Hi, How to view HISTORY in Mozilla Firfox like we do in IE for Offline Browsing??
  17. jiteshbhimani

    Integrate Download Manager in Mozilla FireFOx???

    Can any one help me to integrate Download Manager such as DAP in firefox browser so that downloading starts in DAP instead of mozilla's default download manager......?
  18. jiteshbhimani

    Mobile Lamination ???????

    Hi guys, Pls tell me whether mobile lamination is good or bad... because some one told me that due to lamination my mobile's battery will get weak...... Is it true?? if u know something abt that then help me out i personally don't beleicve in that.......
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